Monday, February 22

shutting doors

We try to give the manchild a little freedom here in our house. He can wander through most of it most of the time. It's a little hard for me to deal with sometimes, but I am adjusting. Slowly. 

We keep our bedroom door closed because we can't see him if he goes in there. And if he goes in there, he's headed for the bathroom. One of his favorite games is to empty out all of Mommy's drawers. We play this game everyday while Mommy gets ready, and well, there's nothing dangerous {is mousse dangerous?} and it keeps him right under my feet so I know where he is. But it's not fun to walk into the bathroom ... to this ... 

We also keep the front bathroom closed because he likes to try and get into the bathtub or eat the little plastic covers from the toilet {you know, the thing that covers the bolts on the floor?}. Yuck.

Also the laundry room. He likes to crawl through piles, resort laundry, pull things out of the dryer, open the door, close the door, etc.

Oh, and the pantry. He can't reach his snacks, but there are lots of other ways for him to get in trouble, so we've been practicing closing doors.

He'll walk up to the pantry if it's open and I'll ask him to close it, and he will, and we are all happy because he's such a good helper. Same with the dryer. When I'm done putting things in {and reputting the things that he's taken back out} then he gets to close the door.

Problem: I leave his bedroom door open so he can grab a toy or look out the window or whatever. It's his room, he should be able to play in there, right? Twice already this morning and once yesterday he's gone into his room, seen the open door, and closed it. Then he's not very happy because he's in there by himself and can't open the door.

Maybe we need a little doggy door so he can escape?
Bad idea.


Jenny said...

He is so cute! I love the look on his face in the picture:)

Renee said...

NellAnn get one of those foam pinch guard things to put on his bedroom door. You dont have to worry about pinched fingers when he closes it and he should still be able to open it since it can't close all the trapped babies.

Are These Kids All Yours? said...

You make me laugh, but it seems like it would work? He he he..... :)

Amber said...

Silas also loves the plastic bolt covers on the toilet...I don't get the fascination. He can also just reach our door handles now and has been able to get them open a few times. We're always on him b/c I'm afraid he'll get his fingers pinched. I may have to invest in the foam pinch guard(thanks Renee!). Seems our little boys are quite similar in their interests:)

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