Thursday, January 29

Monday, January 19

number one!

Sweet, sweet Kim received her referral today. A precious boy. 

That makes me
no. 6 siblings
no.6 girl
no.1 boy

Yes, you read that correctly. 

I already have the cutest stories of how people responded:

1. I called Justin's mom to tell her. She's super-excited about her first grandbaby, especially since she's the last to get one. Anyway, I called and this is what happened:
me: I have some news. We're number one.
JK: I already knew that.
me: wait, who told you?
JK: told me what?
me: we're number one! 
JK: I already know that.
me: no...we're...(cuts me off)
JK: OH! You're NUMBER ONE! On the list! Oh! OH!

It was so cute. She thought I was just reminding her that we are her favorites or something silly like that. I wish I had recorded it. Too cute! 

2. I posted on facebook that we were number one. I answered the phone when Christina called to straight up screaming. It was hilarious. 

3. When I told one friend, this is what I heard, "SHUT UP! ONE? SHUT UP!"

It's been really fun around here! 

Also, for those of you who would like to be notified as soon as we get the call, you can post a comment with your email address and we'll send you a little shout out when we get the know, since it could be anyday!

Monday, January 12

it's just me

Our official numbers for January 2009 are as follows:
girl: 12
boy: 8
sibling: 10

Unofficially, (of course) we know that we are #2 on the boy list, #8 on the girl list, and #7 on the sibling list. And you know what? I'm pretty much, totally ok with that. 

I'm not going to lie. Last week while all the referrals were flying out I was pretty close to "crazy". I let that tiny thought creep in that it was my turn! A year in the making and it was finally my turn! 

But it wasn't. And that's ok. Our fingerprint issues are still not settled. There is no nursery. In fact, there is no anything for a baby other than a couple pair of footy pajamas. It's not our time. The Lord has been so good to pace our excitement --and anxiety-- level, and to give us a peace beyond understanding. I mean, I am so ready for our baby. I am so ready to paint the nursery, and put together the furniture, and settle on a name and for crying out loud, see a picture of our baby! 

But it's not so overwhelming or overpowering that I can't stand this a little bit longer. I'm trying to really relax and appreciate all this time when it's just me. And just us. 

Because once we see that face, it will never be the same. 

Wednesday, January 7

one more left

More referrals today. More beautiful babies finding their way into the hearts of families waiting. 
There is only one more referral to be made before it's my turn...

Kim is sitting at number one.
I am sitting at number two.

In all seriousness, I ask that you would go to the Father for us. We have still not heard back about Justin's fingerprints and we do not yet have our FDL. In short, without this really important piece of paper, we don't have permission to adopt. So I beg of you to please boldly pray for a miracle that the fingerprints would be accepted and we would quickly receive our paperwork. 

For fun, I thought we could make some guesses about when we'll get a referral. Now, it's pretty obvious that it will most likely be a boy. I know, there are those of you who knew that from the beginning. Anyway. Let's take a poll...

When will Baby Galindo be announced?
There's some generic guesses on the sidebar on the right, or you can place a real guess in the comment section. If you win, we'll work out some kind of prize (something from etsy, bragging rights, first to hold the baby, whatever!) and if you don't, it will still be fun to play along. And I'll end up with a baby! Fun!! Start guessing!

Monday, January 5

holy toledo batman!

There were three referrals today. One baby boy and two tiny girls, all less than eight weeks old. I am absolutely delighted

I am also absolutely blown away that my new unofficial numbers are estimated at:
girl: 9
boy: 3

How about that? How about that in-deed!

I am certainly hoping there is at least one more call for dear Renee tomorrow. 

On the other hand, I am still in pain from my broken toe. Who knew such a little toe could be such a big pain?

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