Friday, January 29

Referral Anniversary!

One year ago today, we received the call and saw this face for the first time. 

Soon-to-be Baby Galindo was three weeks old.

I could hardly believe my ears. 

Then I could hardly believe my eyes. 

Read about our amazing day in this post, and here, and finally here, as we continued to share the news. 
(I know, it's a little ridiculous that I spread it out into three posts, but I reread them just now -- and they are so fun! Get your tissues ready.)

Monday, January 11

dedication sneak peek

Thank you to all who made it out for Asher's Dedication {and part birthday party} Saturday. It was amazing. The weather warmed up just enough for us to be outside some and there was a ridiculous amount of food there as evidenced by the fact that we all ate the whole day and yet my fridge is still overflowing with left overs. I am not complaining about that. I may not cook all week.

Most the grandparents were there, as well as one great grandparent. We also had one million babies/kids. Ok, maybe only one thousand, from less than two weeks old {Asher's future wife} to "almost nine". We had friends from far away come in and friends from right across the street. We had a full house and a full day of amazing people, totally scrumptious food, and complete awareness of the blessings in our life.

{More pictures coming. This is just your sneak sneak peek. You will not believe what this boy did with that cake.}

Sunday, January 3


Hi Friends and Family and strangers who read this blog.

This is your friendly reminder that THIS SATURDAY {January 9th} is our little guy's Baby Dedication {and small birthday celebration}.

Please consider this your reminder. Or if this is the first you're hearing of it, you either don't pay attention or the person in charge of spreading the gossip to you has failed. I'll rat them out and you can yell at them all you want.

Please don't be offended if you didn't get your invitation. That's because nobody did. I ordered them. {What kind of mother do you think I am?} They arrived all janky and unsendable. Then there was not enough time to re-order, re-ship, and mail. I felt so defeated. And sad.

But you're still invited.
So email me if you need details.
I'm not putting them on the blog for strangers {and or psycho killer type people} so they can show up and murder us all by spiking the celebratory punch we'll all be drinking.

Please come. We have a professional photographer coming. We want your face in our memories. And your funness in our home.

Thank you.
This is a service message brought to you by the letter P {for please, and party} and by the number 9 {which is the day of the party.}

He's going to look really sad if you're not there.
How can you say no to this face???
Are you heartless?

christmas recap

I promise there are more photos coming. I am uploading and editing {and deleting!} as you read. Probably still, even if you're reading this months from now. New baby = one billionmilliontrillion pictures. Trust me. 

But this one. This picture needed to be seen today. I know it's blurry. I'm actually squeezed between about forty people trying to see my son and then rescue him from the family Santa. Santa was fine when he road up on his three wheeled bicycle. Santa was dandy as he walked by and said his best "ho ho ho". Santa was, however, very bad terrible no good awful upon closer inspection. Even if he was bearing presents.

More cute {and in focus} pictures coming!
Happy New Year!!!

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