Tuesday, February 1

A Verse

I've always loved names with meaning. I have a name with meaning. It's not been an easy name to live with, but because of it's meaning, I've grown to love it more and more. {I am the namesake for my maternal grandmother.}

I've always wanted our children to have meaningful names. A reason behind why we chose a name other than it's popularity or quirkiness or how great the monogram would look on a pillow. Something with substance. Something that would provide direction for our children. Something that would promote our deepest prayers and hopes for their lives.

I have a friend who is excellent at this. I was so excited when they had their first child, a daughter, and explained her name in her birth announcements.  I loved that it had to do with where she was born, but also provided some direction for her to grow into. Their next daughter was no disappointment either. I actually found the post that shows her announcement and the meaning behind it. This very week they welcomed their third child into this world, a son, whose name and meaning I could hardly wait for. I love that each of their children were given meaningful names with a history or verse. I also love that all their babies have so much hair. {Hi Glo! Congratulations!!!}

Then there's Emily. We've never met, but I want her to be a good friend of mine. She lives far away. Not as far as Dubai, but in the Pacific Northwest, so she might as well be. I mean, it's outside of Texas... I want her to be my big sister. I want to grow up to be a lot like her. Only without the red hair. It looks so lovely on her, but I am pretty convinced I could not pull it off. Anyway. She chose a beautiful verse for her daughter and prayed this over her. Love that. She also recently shared how a particular verse related to her name's meaning impacted her life and how she wants to live it. Love that, too.

All this had me thinking about names and verses and meaning and purpose. We chose Asher's name because of it's meaning and how it seemed to perfectly fit both his personality and exactly how we felt as his parents. And while there are verses about the Lord and His joy, none of them seem right for my son. I just can't find the perfect fit.

To be continued...

BUT! Are there certain verses you pray over your children? Certain ones that always make you think of your child? Does your baby's name have a special meaning? Please tell. Please tell.

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