Wednesday, December 22

Stirring up baby Jesus

I wanted to write a blog post about something. Anything. But I have too much stuff to do.

I need to throw the clothes into the dryer and start another load.

But I can't do that until I make some more laundry soap. To do that, I need to get out all the ingredients and wash the big bowls I use that Asher has taken over to collect his favorite toys.

What are his favorite toys? A giant jingle bell, the green ring (From the stacking toy), a teether, a pig rubber pig, and baby Jesus (who was promptly evicted from his nativity set to live in the bowl in the bottom drawer in the kitchen). He likes to stir his toys with a big wooden spoon. And I let him. Except it's a little strange to me that he's stirring up baby Jesus.

I'm trying to be encouraged that at least baby Jesus is one of his favorites that gets extra special treatment.

Monday, December 13

totally behind

Asher started school in November. I know time flies, but don't worry. He's not really in kindergarten or anything. I took these pictures that morning because aren't you supposed to have pictures from your first day of school? Asher didn't think so. : (

Maybe hiding behind the trash can will help. Nope. It doesn't. 

On a side note, while packing his lunch, I was really worried about what he'd eat since their lunch time was way earlier than our normal eating time. Actually, everything about school is way earlier than our normal time. Also, I was concerned that he'd run out of food while other kids were eating and that could be detrimental to the rest of his day. So I packed and packed and packed food for him. 

Lunch includes:
1 peanut butter fold over with extra peanut butter
cheese puffs
1/2 cup yogurt puffs
string cheese
two clementine oranges
5 pretzels
2 animal cookies

He ate every bite. 

Also, mornings are much better now. And he likes school. He doesn't always eat that much for lunch. But sometimes he eats even more. : )

Thursday, December 2


For your immediate viewing pleasure, I give you tonight's dinner time enjoyment:

Cheesecake with Grandpa and Mimi.


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