Thursday, August 26

The Fear Factor

Are there things you should be doing or want to be doing but just can't get yourself to do?

There is this thing in my life.
I want it. I want to do it. I want to be it. I want it to describe me.
But it's overwhelming.
At times in a good way, at times in a hard way, and in times just too much to carry.

This thing is facing me right now.
It's knocking on my door, not pushy or demanding, but knocking.
And I know I'm going to answer the door.
I know I want to let it in.
But memories and other attachments to this thing give me pause.

It's hard.
This thing is hard!
It requires faith
and waiting
and patience
and dealing with other people who do not "get" this thing.
It's even a little scary.
It's full of the unknown.

But it's also full of good.
And full of hope
and joy
and excitement
and jesus.

Why is it so hard for you to get moving on these things? What struggles are you facing  -- and how do you overcome them to continue on? What advice do you have for others who need to take that step? What can you share with me?

Friday, August 20

on snuggling

I mentioned awhile back that I'd regrettably not snuggled enough with my son. Since then, at every nap and bedtime opportunity, I've been adding a little snuggle time to our routine. Sometimes he just wants to sit and snuggle. Sometimes we sing silly songs (anyone else completely over the itsy bitsy spider?) or my favorite hymns. Sometimes we pray.

Last night, during our snugglefest, I was telling Asher how much his Mommy loves him.
And how much his Dada loves him.
And his friends and grandparents and aunts and uncles love him.
And even people he's never actually met.
We all love him.

But our loves pale in comparison to the One who loves him.
The One who created him.
The One who dreamed up those long eyelashes,
those wild little curls,
his chubby hands,
his very busy feet,
and put them all together perfectly.
Knit together, piece by perfect piece, into this precious child that I have the honor of loving, too.

In those quiet moments of rest, where Asher looks into my eyes, takes deep breaths, and rests in my arms, I am reminded of the Father's desire for all his children to seek His face,
to bask in His great love,
and to rest in His arms.
No singing necessary,
no prayers to be said.
Just breathing in His righteousness
and resting in His strong and open arms.

Wednesday, August 11

NG :: Sneak Attack -- forget etsy. Just come to the blog and read this really long post instead.

I've been busy sewing and planning and snapping and traveling out of town and back to do more sewing and more planning and such. And I got so excited because I'm ready to list a handful of new things to sell so I can sponsor a child in Korah. And then my dumbputer makes the images too large for etsy and I don't know how to fix it so I'm thinking I might not even put them on etsy, but rather, just tell you. Because really, who else is going to buy them? So here goes.

Disclaimer: I do not claim to have many sewing skills. Nearly everything I know about sewing is self-taught or youtubed. I can promise that each piece is lovingly made and each project finished with tiny hands trying to help. The reason I sew is to financially support and sponsor a child in Korah, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. My son was adopted from Ethiopia. Every single purchase makes a big difference to a child in need.

100% of the purchase price goes to orphan care
What's made above and beyond my sponsorship will go back into the hands of orphan care programs across Ethiopia. 
This helps me to be the hands of Jesus. 
Thanks for your support. 

Read more about Korah here, here, here, here and the thing that sparked me here
See many videos here.

Things I'm currently making: 
Burpcloth Duos
Africa Tagsies
Binky Links
Some surprises along the way. 

Currently Available:

Africa Tagsies: $20

"Finn" Africa Tagsie
(I'm not finished sewing the Africas on yet, but I have about five more nearly done!)

Burpcloth Duos: $15

"Lucy" Burpcloth Duo             "Moriah" Burpcloth Duo

"Olivia" Burcloth Duo                    "Liam" Burpcloth Duo


Binky Links: $8
These do not come with the binkies, but they do come with personalization! 

"Summer Stripe"



"Black and White Stripe"                              "Elliot"

 Brown Giraffe

If you'd like to purchase one of these items listed, or send a special request my way, please email 
NIFTYGIFTYS (at) GMAIL (dot) COM. Oh, and prices include shipping, which I'll try to do twice a week. Thanks for reading all this ... and I'll update when I've finished sewing more. And to appease you, I'll throw in a video of Asher and some of his buddies real soon. Love ya! 

Monday, August 2

NG Strikes Back

Hi friends. Me here. As usual. I'm sure many of you other APs, at least in the Ethiopia group, have been reading all about Korah and seeing videos. And I'm sure many of you have had sleepless nights and trouble reckoning your daily lives to those of the people in Korah. I know I sure have.

Hubband and I have been talking a lot lately, and we want to do more with what we have. Well, we also want to have less, which doesn't really stem from the same place, but God is surely quilting all these pieces together. We've decided to sponsor two children in Korah, and also to find ways to do more from where we are.

Since I stay at home with the cutest baby on earth, I've been praying about something I can do, with what little
"spare" (read as naptime and post-bedtime) time I have. I think it's pretty obvious. Nifty Giftys will be making a comeback. I've been spending time thinking about new products and working on improving what little skills I have so that I can make something that will make a difference. I'm trying to get a header for the etsy shop made and quickly whip up some product so that I'll have something to sell. I'm bringing back the burp cloths (both kinds) as well as the ever popular tagsies and I have some new products up my sleeve. Hopefully. Cross your fingers! Also, if you have some suggestions that don't require too much skill, shoot me a comment or an email or smoke signal or something.

Hopefully I'll be sharing some fun things with you soon -- and hopefully you'll want to purchase something to make a difference.

Nifty Giftys :: Support Orphans and Get Cool Stuff, Too.
{Even the slogan needs improvement. Wait, do we even need a slogan?}

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