Wednesday, April 29

ho hum

My best friend, Christina, drove through downtown last week during the International Festival. She told me all about how Ethiopia was on her left and it was so bright and colorful. Right across the street from Ethiopia was the place you go to meet up with your lost kiddos or find them if they get separated. Christina said it was such a fun thing to see, "Right next to Ethiopia was a big sign that read 'Find Your Children Here' -- because that's what you're doing!"  Doesn't God have a fun sense of humor.

God also has a desire to be our stronghold in hard times. I have been so blessed to not be sad or depressed or too anxious about our referral (way back when!) or even our court date (next Monday!) and I am so thankful for that. But lately, I have found my own struggle in the adoption world: updates.

There have been several families to travel since our referral, all pledging to do their best to look in on our boy. I understand that there are lots of things to prevent that. I understand. Really I do. It's been nice to hear from other families that our boy does indeed exist and that he is well loved. I just really wish someone could tell me something about him. It is so hard to hear again and again that people didn't see him or that he was sleeping in another room. It's even harder to read the updates of children on other family blogs about how their children are smiling and growing and giggling -- or rolling and crawling and walking. I know our little boy is young and not doing a lot, but I just wish that we had something to hold on to. During this complaining and griping is when the Savior reminds me to hold on to Him. 

Thursday, April 23

get real

Time is flying by. Finally! I think it's just because I've been so busy lately. That paper chain of mine has finally dwindled down to less than two feet of links. As of midnight tonight, we have ten days until court. I can't believe it. 

Speaking of things I can't believe, it's almost our court date. 
I know I already said that, but it is still unbelievable! It seems like we've "been in the process" for so long it has just become part of our lives. You know, we live in Texas, we attend TWUMC, we like to read and we're in the process of adopting. It's just one of those things. No longer. 

Pretty soon, we'll be packing up our bags and rubbermaids -- and a diaper bag -- for the trip of a lifetime. We'll fly for nearly a day to the other side of the world and meet a little boy who is coming home with us to be a part of our family. We'll have a son. Our parents will have a grandchild. (Boy are they excited!) Our pups will have someone new to sniff. There will be a little body to fill the highchair, stroller, and crib. Life around us will be totally different. I know this. I love this. 

It's just not quite real yet. 

I've heard the saying, "a woman is a mother when she finds out she's pregnant but a man becomes a father when he first holds his child"
 ... which begs the question ...
When will it be real for us? 

And when did it become real to you? 

Thursday, April 9

birthday stuffs

Today is Baby Galindo's 3 month birthday. 
Happy Birthday Baby! 

In honor of that, here are the top three things Justin wants to do with his son:
1. Teach him to catch. And throw.
2. Read with him.
3. Teach him to shoot.

Three things I want to do with our son:
1. Playing in the bath and getting ready for bed.
2. Showing him off to everyone I've ever met.
3. Teach him silly songs and motions to go with them.

Also, the office of Homeland Security also sent our boy a present...

In the mail today, we received his FDL!!! YAY!!!!
Our baby boy can come home! 

In other news, one of the case workers for our agency was in Ethiopia all last week, and I think we might get some updated pictures this week. Yippie! I'm a little worried we won't recognize him, but I remain hopeful that we will. And I'm sure he's become even more handsome. I'm positive, actually. 

Happy three month birthday little guy! Only one more birthday and you should be home with us! Hallelujah!!!

Thursday, April 2

fingerprint info -- Edited and Updated

Over the weekend we received information stating that Justin did indeed fail his second attempt at fingerprinting. I'm pretty sure we only received this info when we did because I've been calling the Senator's office as well as one of the state representative's office and they've in turn been hounding CIS for an update. I'm glad to see our tax dollars at work. 

Anyway. When you fail twice, the person in question must have a criminal background check performed by the police department where he's lived for the last five years. (We are lucky because if we got this only a few months earlier, we'd have to contact another city!) Today I went to the county municipal buildings and got yet another background clearance done on Justin. (This is at least the third I've had done. I thought for sure the lady would start to recognize me...)

Bright and early Thursday morning, Justin will head down to hand that in and make a sworn statement. I was told over the phone by one of the CIS case workers that we should be approved immediately after the paperwork is signed. This is good news, but I'm still not sure how long it will take for the approval to make it to whatever office it is that does the official FDL, which is what we need to bring our son back to the US.  Justin asked me to go with him to plead our cause and keep his attitude in check. He thinks I'll say things a lot nicer than he would. He's probably right. We'll see. I'll post when everything's is (hopefully) done.

In other news, our court date is approaching! Several of our friends had court dates 3/31 and all passed. I'm really hoping they will go and love on our little guy. None of the other families have been able to tell us much about him. We've heard twice that he was sleeping out in the sun, so until we have other news, that's his only hobby we know about! I know these other mommies will love on him lots for me. (You know who you are!!!) 

We have 32 days until our court date. The girls in my small group made a paper chain for me to count down the days. To be honest, I couldn't take them off at first. Things like "58 days till court!!!" weren't really very uplifting. Now we're half way though so I'm feeling much better. Plus, a month isn't really that bad, right? Here is the chain stretched across some shelves. One fun little piece of trivia is that the paper our chain is made of is the scrap left over from our wedding reception dinner menus that I made. Fun! 

I will be posting more pictures soon! I have shower pictures and I'm nearly done with the nursery, if only I could say the same for the last of those thank you notes...

We went to our fingerprint appointment this morning and after a small, but humorous situation (maybe a later post?) met with the CIS officer dealing with our case. She read Justin's background check, had him stand to swear an oath, and answer a few questions. He signed. She signed. That was it. We're done! 

She said she'd finish processing our paperwork today and we should receive our stuff in the mail next week sometime. Praise God, our son can come home! Praise the Lord who is Faithful! 

We give thank to you, O God, 
we give thanks for your Name is near;
men tell of your wonderful deeds.
You say, "I choose the appointed time;
it is I who judge uprightly.
When the earth and all its people quake,
it is I who hold its pillars firm."
Psalm 75: 1-2

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