Thursday, April 9

birthday stuffs

Today is Baby Galindo's 3 month birthday. 
Happy Birthday Baby! 

In honor of that, here are the top three things Justin wants to do with his son:
1. Teach him to catch. And throw.
2. Read with him.
3. Teach him to shoot.

Three things I want to do with our son:
1. Playing in the bath and getting ready for bed.
2. Showing him off to everyone I've ever met.
3. Teach him silly songs and motions to go with them.

Also, the office of Homeland Security also sent our boy a present...

In the mail today, we received his FDL!!! YAY!!!!
Our baby boy can come home! 

In other news, one of the case workers for our agency was in Ethiopia all last week, and I think we might get some updated pictures this week. Yippie! I'm a little worried we won't recognize him, but I remain hopeful that we will. And I'm sure he's become even more handsome. I'm positive, actually. 

Happy three month birthday little guy! Only one more birthday and you should be home with us! Hallelujah!!!


Renee said...

Yeah happy birthday baby galindo. And what an awesome gift you received. Can't wait to snuggle your little guy and tell him your coming soon.

Mandy said...

What a relief to have that paper in your hands! and hooray for only one more birthday before you bring him home!!!

jody said...

YAY!!! Congrats on getting that FDL finally! whew, what a load off of worry for y'all! hey, email me his picture and we will see if we can snuggle him up some while we are there!!

Guard Wife said...

Very exciting news!! Congratulations on another major step toward having your little boy home. :)

Dawn said...

woohoo!! its about dang time!!! oh i cant wait to see your lil peanut!! your court date is getting closer... almost to 3 wks!

Julie said...

Glad to hear good news; he'll be here before you know it!
Julie & Adam

Jenny said...

Yay! Oh, and you forgot to mention one of the most important things you will do with your little guy: Debunk all the crazy stuff Justin tells him. Maybe he and Sophia can get together and have "crazy dad" story-time!

Congratulations on getting the FDL! We are praying and we love you guys!

neely said...

at least once a day i get totally emotional imagining getting a phone call three weeks from now...oh man it's getting so close! hoping we are traveling real soon!!

Jeanne said...

It is so hard to believe that this day is approaching. I am so proud for you and Justin. I know you will make wonderful parents.

I wish I could be around for part of this wonderful time for you.

Also...Happy Birthday my little sweetie. I LOVE YOU

ME (I)

Mandy said...

I loved getting to meet you today! I can't wait until we can get our little guys together. It won't be long now.

Michelle Riggs said...

Praise God! I love getting that wonderful paper in the mail!

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