Tuesday, April 27

Super Secret Hair Goodness

I had no idea SO many of you would be interested in my super secret beautiful amazing hair secret. Ok fine, really you want Asher's super-amazing-beautiful-soft-no-crying-when-combing-his-hair secret. Fine. Be that way.

Background: Not too long ago I ran across an article talking about natural body care. Stuff like going 'poo free. And it interested me. Not just because I think it would be funny to say 'poo free all the time. I mean, that would be fun, but that's not the point.  In my actual research I learned all sorts of things about how bad most cleaning agents are for your hair or your skin or the earth.

I also have this tiny idea that God probably gave us everything we need way back in the garden of Eden, and again, I guess, after the great flood. So I don't think we need a bunch of weird stuff we can't pronounce or spell to keep us clean or healthy or happy. (I am still enjoying the occasional Starbucks beverage or packaged and processed sweet, but I'm trying more and more to stick with natural stuff. )

Enter my adorable son. Oh wait, what? You need a picture? Ok. Here.

You see, he has adorable hair. It's soft and has the tightest curls I've ever seen. Which makes it a beast when wet and when it needs to be combed out. You know, because there's dirt or frosting or any other random assortment of yuck in it. And we spend a lot of time cuddling, so I want it to smell good. We'd been using all the Aveeno products as recommended, but his hair felt dry and crunchy sometimes. And in between washings it was nearly impossible to work with it at all. I'm talking big-giant-sad-face-tears here people. The kind you can't ignore.

So I started researching for alternatives. You can do that too, if you want, and you'll never want to shampoo or soap yourself or your children again. I can tell you some yucky things. Instead, I'll skip that and get to the good stuff. You can make your own natural stuff for your kid. And it will work better than anything else and be good for him and not cost you a fortune. Sound good? Of course it does.

Are you ready for the recipe? You are? Ok.
One cup of water and one tablespoon of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar.
Put it in a spray bottle from the dollar store. Shake it up.
You're done. 
No joke.

I use lemon juice because we were out of the APV the first time I made it, and lemon just says clean to me somehow (but I have used the APV, too and it works just as well). I also add some lavender essential oil because I love it and I have it and since we cuddle all the time, I thought it couldn't hurt. I spray this in his hair until it's damp/wetish and just comb through. It is so easy that many times my child does not even realize I am combing his hair. Did you read that? You other APs know what I'm talking about. Some of you sheared your children's heads because their hair was so much work. And they are so cute bald, but if you want to try this, it is awesome.  I also use this in between baths when his hair just needs a little "reworking" from where someone has rubbed all over it because it's so darn adorable.

My husband is hooked on it, too.  I also use it, just in a little different way.

Walk yourself into your kitchen, make some up and try it out. You will not regret it. I already convinced two other APs to try it and here's what they said:

"AMAAAAAAAZING!!!!!!  I have been looking for a hair solution for P for months now and everything on the market seems to leave his hair greasy and not really moisturized.  After one use, his hair is soft, shiny, detangled, and not greasy!
I too have a love affair with lavender and added a bunch of drops to the solution.  THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!  You're right, God did give us all we need in the beginning. I am thrilled.  Now we can get back to letting him grow an awesome 'fro b/c we don't have to worry about tangles."

"CONVERT!!!!!!!!!!  Tried it and loved it, who wudda thought?? I thought lemon juice was really drying, but it's really not."

So there you have it. I also made Asher some "soap" that I love way way more. And I don't have to use lotion anymore. Yeah. That's what I'm talking about. And wow, I can't believe how much this sounds like an infomercial. So please try it out, and let me know what you think. Or if you need more info, let me know. I'm a complete convert and we will never go back. : )

And here's another picture if you read all that. 

Tuesday, April 20

for your viewing pleasure

You are going to want some volume on this. This is going to make your day. Times two. It's like a two-scoop sundae. Or a double dip. Double goodness. That's how much we love you. Enjoy. 

(P.S. These are uploaded to YouTube so you can go back to them over and over and over again. Heck, you can even embed them yourself and send it to everyone you know. Asher can be an internet star. And did you know that with enough hits, YouTube will actually pay us? Wouldn't that be cool? Go ahead. Copy the link and send it to every. single. person. you. know. We'll let you know when the money trucks start showing up.)

Sunday, April 18

Waiting :: Suddenly

A while back I wrote a post about waiting.

Tonight I heard some good news. My sweet friend had been waiting to see two pink lines.

And she did.

Then I stumbled upon this post from this blog and it all made sense.

I challenge you to share this with someone today.

You know someone who needs it!

Thursday, April 1


Well, so it's been nearly a month since my last post. Sorry about that. We've been a little distracted. And by distracted, I mean focused elsewhere. I'd like to write a post about that, but just not right this minute. Actually, I'd like to be sleeping at this minute {3:14am} but can't seem to make my mind stop. Terrible thing, to have a mind that is working when it should be dreaming.

The weather has been amazing here. {Sidenote: remember when you were younger and thought it was so weird that old people always talked about the weather? So, now if I'm talking about the weather, does that mean I am old? I still don't watch the news or actually check the temperature, so I'm not really old, right? Right!???!} It's been so amazing that Asher and I play outside most everyday. Even if that playing is spent keeping Asher from running away while I water the flowerbeds. {Ack, I'm watering flowerbeds? I really am getting old older.} And believe you me, that is plenty of work play.  It's making me want to reclaim our backyard and put in plusher {plusher is a word} grass and be poop free and plant pretty flowers and bushes and have no poop and maybe a swingset (without poop, of course) and some comfy patio furniture and remove all the poop so when I install fans they won't just blow around the smell of poop. Before you panic too much that our sewage or plumbing is broken, don't worry your pretty little heads too much. It's not. It's just that our dogs are not toilet trained. Housebroken yes, toilet trained no. (Isn't housebroken a funny term when you really think about it? Shouldn't it be housefixed when they stop going inside?? I'm just saying.)

Where was I? Oh yes. Nice weather. And playing. And my cute son. Oh? You don't know who I'm talking about? You've forgotten how absolutely adorable he is? Well, well then. Let me refresh your memory with a few little pictures from his Easter shoot. But only a few. More to come whence Easter is fully upon us. : )

And yes, you're welcome.

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