Monday, May 16

a new challenge ... and it's fun!

I read a challenge that sparked something inside me.
Something about passion.
Something about fun.

And yesterday I heard something about using my ordinary-everyday-life to do something big.
No, like really Big.

This afternoon I saw something that gave me an idea.
And I want to tell you all about it.
Via the mail.
Snail mail.

So I will write you a letter, handwritten, not typed.
About the everyday, ordinary life we lead,
about the not-so-ordinary things,
and lots of stuff in between.
On fancy stationery like the stuff J bought me our first married Christmas.
Or funny stationery like the stuff I had when I was a kid.
What? You didn't have stationery when you were a kid?
Well, that's sad.
Go and get yourself some kid stationery.
And use it. You'll feel all sorts of fun when you do.

What was I saying? Oh. Letters. Writing. You.
Just email me your snail mail address.
nifty giftys at gmail dot com  (no spaces)

Then wait by your mailbox.
Or stalk your postal worker.
You know, like you did when waiting for your adoption paperwork.
Or Publisher's Clearinghouse.
Or netflix. Whatever.

I would love this opportunity to share with you, boldly.
And I thank you for the privilege of your friendship!
Thank you.
Thank you now and thank you again later.
Let's have some fun together!

PS -- If you need a new mailbox, check these out for inspiration.

Thursday, May 5

how crazy is that?!

Someone mentioned myspace the other day. Whoa, flashback for sure. I realized I had no idea if I'd ever deleted mine or tonight I went to check and delete if it was still there. And guess what...? It's still there! Eeek! As I was nosing around the me of a few years ago, I found this little posting (what were they on myspace?) and it made me giggle. 

Baby Talk...yes, the rumors are true.

Yes, the rumors are true. There's been baby talk in the Galindo house. This summer begins a year of prayer (and study and work) and next summer will mark the beginning of our journey to grow our family.
We feel the special call to adopt internationally and will begin filling out the necessary paperwork (dossier) to adopt from Ethiopia next summer (post-graduation and job switch). The whole process should take about 9-13 months so by the following summer (2009--I know, it sounds far away, but it's not!) our home will be filled with the laughter of a new baby.
We're not pursuing a particular gender, we feel like the Lord knows best who belongs in our home.
So pray for us on this journey! Oh, and our soon-to-be family member, too!

Asher, within the first 5 minutes of being home with us in our house, May 2009. 
Man, was he a cutie!!!

The best part is, that the summer of 2009 is actually when Asher came home! We actually started the paperwork process way before we planned, which is good since it took us so long and Asher was ready to come home by the time it was all finished and said and done. 

I just love how God works things out. Don't you?

Wednesday, May 4


Well, I had no intention of letting a month slip by sans post, much less three months! But it has happened and now I'm to the point where I need to post so people know we are still alive. We are, indeed, still alive. And now, a recap.

In February, shortly after the last post, we had a little chili cook-off which was great fun! I kept putting the camera down which means the pictures from that event are hardly worth mentioning. Most of them are pictures of a certain couple while he's trying to kiss her and she's trying to escape (RB, you can thank me now) or of people open-mouthed shoveling chili as fast as they can (names left out to protect the guilty). So here is a picture of some of the tiny chili hooligans watching WordWorld and dumping out

Then later Asher and I went to the zoo with my mother and a friend of hers, Rae, who was visiting from out of town. I had anticipated that Asher might not be ready for a rousing day at the zoo, but we preceded anyway.  He lasted about two hours. Which is the equivalent to the time it took to get there and get home. He did seem to like the elephants, but did not understand why he was not allowed to climb all the fences and run where he wanted. We did finally make it to the children's area and that was much better. As he ran from play area to play area, I repeatedly heard other adults comment on how fast he was. If I had time to slow down myself, I would have assured them he was not even traveling at full speed. Oh, and he seemed to really like the big fountain, too, but again, why he was not allowed to play in it was completely unclear and thus, unsatisfactory.

That same day was the day I learned that Asher could climb into his high chair at will, by using the furniture around him. Since then he seems to have forgotten that skill. For now...

In March he took to hiding himself for peek-a-boo a bit more creatively than before...

Look for another fun post soon! I promise!!!

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