Thursday, May 5

how crazy is that?!

Someone mentioned myspace the other day. Whoa, flashback for sure. I realized I had no idea if I'd ever deleted mine or tonight I went to check and delete if it was still there. And guess what...? It's still there! Eeek! As I was nosing around the me of a few years ago, I found this little posting (what were they on myspace?) and it made me giggle. 

Baby Talk...yes, the rumors are true.

Yes, the rumors are true. There's been baby talk in the Galindo house. This summer begins a year of prayer (and study and work) and next summer will mark the beginning of our journey to grow our family.
We feel the special call to adopt internationally and will begin filling out the necessary paperwork (dossier) to adopt from Ethiopia next summer (post-graduation and job switch). The whole process should take about 9-13 months so by the following summer (2009--I know, it sounds far away, but it's not!) our home will be filled with the laughter of a new baby.
We're not pursuing a particular gender, we feel like the Lord knows best who belongs in our home.
So pray for us on this journey! Oh, and our soon-to-be family member, too!

Asher, within the first 5 minutes of being home with us in our house, May 2009. 
Man, was he a cutie!!!

The best part is, that the summer of 2009 is actually when Asher came home! We actually started the paperwork process way before we planned, which is good since it took us so long and Asher was ready to come home by the time it was all finished and said and done. 

I just love how God works things out. Don't you?

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Cindy said...

That is SWEET! I am actually waiting for announcement of baby Galindo #2 : )

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