Saturday, October 24

our busy little lives

We've been so busy lately -- life just seems to end up that way.

We've had some family pictures taken.
We went downtown and visited Grandma-Nanny-Mimi at Baker Botts. {Hello to all my fans!!!}
We did some off-roading in the stoller at the garden center.
We started finger-walking
We've started clapping. At everything. And kissing mirrors.
We've met lots of fans and devotees.
We have our first runny nose {Ladies at Baker Botts, we think one of you is to blame!}
And our very first Halloween is coming up, so stay tuned for cute photos!!!

Friday, October 16

simple prayer request

A while back, Justin and I volunteered in the children's department at our church. We worked with second graders specifically and at the end of the lesson, asked for prayer requests. Of course when working with children, these requests often vary from my dog is sick to the inevitable "let me get lots of good candy at Halloween and not the bad kind" and sometimes, you receive the really heartfelt request of a child who asks for a happier mom or a new job for daddy, or even a baby brother or sister.

We worked in the program long enough to develop relationships with some of the regular kids. The ones who cause trouble are usually the first you connect with, as was the case with Fischer. He was really busy, had a lot to say, and could top any story you had. But he was precious and I prayed that someday all that energy would be used for the Lord. Along with knowing the kids, you also begin to let them know you. Children are full of questions. Full full full. We were always asked if we had children, and many of them had come to understand that we hoped to adopt from Ethiopia.

The program had started having the kids right down their requests instead of verbalizing them, and the leaders then took them home to pray about them. I really preferred hearing them in class because sometimes, you just need a good laugh. But I collected the cards each week and shoved them into my Bible for later perusal.

Last week I was doing some fall closet cleaning and stumbled across the little pocket Bible Justin sent me when I first moved to Dallas. Inside were tucked three little prayer cards. The first asked for no rain for soccer games, another pet emergency, and lastly, the sweetest request I'd ever received:

"I hope your son stay in your heart forever."

Long before you were here, and before we even knew who you were, you've been dreamed of, longed for, prayed over, and loved.

Monday, October 12

new hobby

Ladies, Gentlemen, boys and girls --
I give you my boy's all time favorite hobby:


(please notice the tiny cheerio stuck just to the right of his chins. he's saving that for later.)

Friday, October 9

nine months

My little boy is nine months old! Sheesh. Can hardly believe it. I'll hurry up and get to the pictures, because honestly, that's all anyone cares about. Right? (You don't have to answer that.)
Look, Mom! I'm here to help with laundry!

What?! This isn't really helping?
Oh well. I'm having fun anyway.

Mom. Seriously? Pictures again?
I thought we were going to eat.

Oh! You are taking pictures of my dinner face?
Ok! Here's a good one!


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