Saturday, September 26

baby jail

1. I get it. You read it. So you can quit hounding me I'll keep updating the blog.

2.Everyone of you Several of you begged asked to see proof of the baby jail incidents. Here is how it plays out.

Oh look. Mommy is here. She can rescue me from baby jail. 

Mommy! I see you! Why are you not picking me up yet?!

Mommy! I'm still in jail! 
You're leaving me in here! 
Why don't you love me anymore???!!!

I will now alert the whole world of how terribly mistreated (and sad) I am.
Here's my big breath...
Oh, I am so so sad. 

And now I am SCREAMING because you are just standing there
taking pictures of my unfortunate surprise incarceration. 
{How do I keep ending up in here?}
Get me out NOW.

1. I didn't dress him to match the wall or his bedding.
2. As soon as I pick him up he turns his head and looks at baby jail to make sure he's out.
3. No more crying. Until he wakes up back in baby jail. 

Next post: Favorite toys. Get excited. 

Monday, September 21


Man, it's definitely been more than ten days and this is only post number nine. I don't feel really bad though because I'm not really sure that more than four people even read this. My mother in law and best buddies and maybe one more person. 

My little guy is busy taking a nap. Thank goodness! Last week he went through a major rebellion and decided he no longer liked naps. Or sleeping in general. Or his crib. I'm pretty sure it's all my fault. 

Last Thursday night, right before bed, he started crawling. (Sigh.) And earlier in the week, I had seen him pull himself up to standing all by himself on his toy box. It started happening more and more frequently. So I did the unthinkable and lowered his crib. Now he thinks it's baby jail. Every single time I lay him in it he immediately pulls himself up to standing, grasping onto the bars, and peers at me from in between them with these giant sad eyes (and sometimes big sad tears) and wails. Not little whimpers or cries, but "Mommy-How-Could-You-Do-This-To-Me?!!?!?" kind of cries. Heart. Breaking.

I am so glad that today is better. It did take rocking him to sleep...three times...but he's asleep now and that's great. Saturday, for example, he slept less than two hours all day long. He was one sad and miserable little dude. Until all the ladies showed up. Then he was one happy camper. He's such a flirt. 

The end. I'll add some pictures in the next post. 
When he's awake and well rested. : )

Wednesday, September 9

Eight Months

I simply just cannot believe our little boy is eight months old today! That's just ridiculous. And sad. And it's just going to keep happening. Well, he won't keep turning eight months old, he'll get even older! Argh. The misery. 

Anyway, enough sad things about me. My little boy is eight months old! 

So, here's the picture you're waiting for...

And here are my current eight favorite things about him:
1. When something is super super funny, he shrieks and takes a big big breath before he can continue laughing.
2. That dumb ol' first tooth went away. Yay for toothless grins.
3. How he very carefully picks up one cheerio at a time and then shoves his whole fist into his mouth.
4. When he's sleepy and we lay him in his crib, he rubs his eyes, grabs the top of his blanket, pulls it up, and rolls over.
5. He plays peek-a-boo over the side of his crib each time I go in his room to get him. 
6. His hair. Need I say more?
7. His vigorous attempts at crawling --- which end up looking like...well, I can't put that on our blog.
8. He actually poses for pictures. (This apparently can be inherited through that Neely DNA. Or osmosis. Whatever. Good training.)

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