Wednesday, September 9

Eight Months

I simply just cannot believe our little boy is eight months old today! That's just ridiculous. And sad. And it's just going to keep happening. Well, he won't keep turning eight months old, he'll get even older! Argh. The misery. 

Anyway, enough sad things about me. My little boy is eight months old! 

So, here's the picture you're waiting for...

And here are my current eight favorite things about him:
1. When something is super super funny, he shrieks and takes a big big breath before he can continue laughing.
2. That dumb ol' first tooth went away. Yay for toothless grins.
3. How he very carefully picks up one cheerio at a time and then shoves his whole fist into his mouth.
4. When he's sleepy and we lay him in his crib, he rubs his eyes, grabs the top of his blanket, pulls it up, and rolls over.
5. He plays peek-a-boo over the side of his crib each time I go in his room to get him. 
6. His hair. Need I say more?
7. His vigorous attempts at crawling --- which end up looking like...well, I can't put that on our blog.
8. He actually poses for pictures. (This apparently can be inherited through that Neely DNA. Or osmosis. Whatever. Good training.)


neely said...

he's so cute!! I really wish you guys were closer...when you coming to town??

Jenny said...

He is adorable!

Are These Kids All Yours? said...

CUTE!!!!!!! Love it!!!!

The Hull's at #4 said...

Precious little sugar lump! I miss you guys!!

Julie said...

he has the most beautiful smile & eyes! great bright & colorful!

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