Saturday, September 26

baby jail

1. I get it. You read it. So you can quit hounding me I'll keep updating the blog.

2.Everyone of you Several of you begged asked to see proof of the baby jail incidents. Here is how it plays out.

Oh look. Mommy is here. She can rescue me from baby jail. 

Mommy! I see you! Why are you not picking me up yet?!

Mommy! I'm still in jail! 
You're leaving me in here! 
Why don't you love me anymore???!!!

I will now alert the whole world of how terribly mistreated (and sad) I am.
Here's my big breath...
Oh, I am so so sad. 

And now I am SCREAMING because you are just standing there
taking pictures of my unfortunate surprise incarceration. 
{How do I keep ending up in here?}
Get me out NOW.

1. I didn't dress him to match the wall or his bedding.
2. As soon as I pick him up he turns his head and looks at baby jail to make sure he's out.
3. No more crying. Until he wakes up back in baby jail. 

Next post: Favorite toys. Get excited. 


The Hull's at #4 said...

How could you???

Sarah said...

I too am guilty of jailing my baby. In fact, you can probably hear her disapproval from where you are. Same face, same you-just-shattered-my-heart-forever cry. Heart-breaking and amusing at the same time. How terrible am I??

It has, however, gotten better. Apparently her heart has repaired itself with time. ;)

Renee said...

What a cruel momma you are haha...not bad enough he's in baby jail but then you take pictures ...way to kick a man when he's down...soooooooooo cute.

Are These Kids All Yours? said...

Laughing hysterically!!! So sad for him though :( I like reading your blog- yeah! Can't wait to see favorite toys!

Kristi J said...

he is so gorgeous...seriously!! kj

Julie said...

too cute!! he's getting big!

Brian and Autumn said...


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