Wednesday, August 26

sadness and devastation

I can't believe it.
I simply can't believe it. 

I am completely at a loss. 
And sad.
Perhaps spiraling down into a deep depression.

My baby boy is growing so fast.


I think I spotted the beginnings of a 





First tooth -- oh how I hate you. 

Monday, August 24

laughing at Dada

Please excuse the mess in our living room. And the toy boxes on the couch. 
And the tv in the background. 
And anything else that I might find embarrassing.  
Thank you.

Sunday, August 23

water baby

Last Saturday we headed out to Jess and Dan's house to introduce our wee one to their pool. We were so excited because we knew how much he loves baths and how much he really loves to splash...


So first thing, Dada and baby enter pool. Things seem ok at first, but quickly go downhill. As evidenced in this first picture. 

Baby heads back to Mommy, who is sitting poolside to take pictures. We dip his little feet in. That's fun. We dip a little more in. That's fun, too. Ok. We're making progress. 

Next we try the little step that puts him in as much water as his kitchen sink baths. We are happy with this.  We can splash! 

Ooops. Splashed myself. 

After a bit we move out into the water. We float. 

We even dunk! 

Then we roar (with laughter) like a sea lion because this pool business is way fun! 
(This part was hilarious!!!)

We also were totally awesome with a kickboard. And did not want to give that up. But did finally for a chance to snuggle with Mommy and get her all wet. 

Then, a really really long nap.  Yay for long naps. 

Hope you're all enjoying the posts -- and all these great and glorious pictures. 
You're worth it. : )

Saturday, August 22

three things

It would appear that I am already behind! I did write up a post last night but I guess the internet ate it. Here goes another... and I'll make up for the missing one. 


that make baby giggle:
1. eating his toes
2. tickling his belly
3. making funny noises

that always make baby happy:
1. bath time
2. johnny jump up
3. mommy's cell phone

that might make baby unhappy:
1. taking too long between bites at meal time
2. getting hot in the carseat
3. having to take a nap when we're having too much fun

that we do with mommy:
1. sing
2. bath time
3. stroller rides

that we do with dada:
1. bedtime books
2. fly through the house
3. play keepaway the kisses from mommy (this is not as fun as it sounds. well, at least for mommy anyway. but baby and dada really think it's funny.)

that we do everyday:
1. lotion up and put on jammies
2. make faces during meal times
3. take pictures

And of course, because I am required, I leave you with a picture. : ) You're welcome. 

my two favorite guys
doing one of their favorite things

Thursday, August 20

Promises, Promises...

Shocker! Another post! Ok, so here's the deal. I'm going to do TEN DAYS IN A ROW of posting. Hopefully, that will be enough to start making people happy. Kristy Johnson, you have to stop blogging. My MIL found your site and is always asking me why mine isn't as good as know, music, videos, blah blah blah. KJ, stop having a perfect blog with perfect pictures of my little friend. Sheesh. You're making it really difficult for the rest of us. And by the rest of us, I mean me. Sorry. I do still like you. And your blog. I just want people to like mine again. For what it is. That's all.

So, moving on. I am promising TEN DAYS of blogging. I'll answer any questions you have for our boy or our adoption or anything like that. I think day ten will feature a fun interview with the little man himself. Yes, I know. He is realizing his popularity and understands that his public needs to get a little somethin-somethin every once in a while. And guess what else? I'm promising pictures, too. Here's proof:

Picture Update!

Over on FB, I've posted the six month pictures. I know they are late...but it's actually the photographer's fault. Seriously. Never use JCP, regardless of how many good things you hear from others. Ok, maybe that's a bit drastic. Never use the JCP in The Woodlands Mall. Ok, better. 

Anyway, I know you only want to see the pictures, so here's the link. Enjoy. 

Coming soon -- pictures of our first trip to the pool!! Prepare yourselves for super cuteness coming your way. Seriously, start preparing now.  : )

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