Thursday, August 20

Picture Update!

Over on FB, I've posted the six month pictures. I know they are late...but it's actually the photographer's fault. Seriously. Never use JCP, regardless of how many good things you hear from others. Ok, maybe that's a bit drastic. Never use the JCP in The Woodlands Mall. Ok, better. 

Anyway, I know you only want to see the pictures, so here's the link. Enjoy. 

Coming soon -- pictures of our first trip to the pool!! Prepare yourselves for super cuteness coming your way. Seriously, start preparing now.  : )

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"Indescribable" said...

You have a dangerous amount of cuteness going on - be careful, I wouldn't want to see anyone arrested for too much of a good thing!

Seriously, he's gorgeous! I want to squeeze him (ok, now I could get arrested.....)!

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