Sunday, August 23

water baby

Last Saturday we headed out to Jess and Dan's house to introduce our wee one to their pool. We were so excited because we knew how much he loves baths and how much he really loves to splash...


So first thing, Dada and baby enter pool. Things seem ok at first, but quickly go downhill. As evidenced in this first picture. 

Baby heads back to Mommy, who is sitting poolside to take pictures. We dip his little feet in. That's fun. We dip a little more in. That's fun, too. Ok. We're making progress. 

Next we try the little step that puts him in as much water as his kitchen sink baths. We are happy with this.  We can splash! 

Ooops. Splashed myself. 

After a bit we move out into the water. We float. 

We even dunk! 

Then we roar (with laughter) like a sea lion because this pool business is way fun! 
(This part was hilarious!!!)

We also were totally awesome with a kickboard. And did not want to give that up. But did finally for a chance to snuggle with Mommy and get her all wet. 

Then, a really really long nap.  Yay for long naps. 

Hope you're all enjoying the posts -- and all these great and glorious pictures. 
You're worth it. : )


The Bogard Family said...

Nell Ann,

He is SO precious! I love the pictures:)! I am glad your back to blogging.


Troy said...

the sea lion pic is great :)

Silas was similiar in nature when we went to our neighbor's pool. He was fine until the kids jumped in and scared the fire out of him. It took a while for him to warm back up and not be on edge.

Are These Kids All Yours? said...

Awwww....thanks! We are loving it!!!!

Stephanie said...

Love the posts! And love the pictures! He is absolutely adorable! :-)

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