Wednesday, August 26

sadness and devastation

I can't believe it.
I simply can't believe it. 

I am completely at a loss. 
And sad.
Perhaps spiraling down into a deep depression.

My baby boy is growing so fast.


I think I spotted the beginnings of a 





First tooth -- oh how I hate you. 


joannaadams said...

It happens way too fast, but it's the inevitable! I remember the day my lil' lady was born so clearly, and that was over three years ago! Watching them grow is bitter sweet!

Kristi J said...

my baby girl got two teeth last week...they do grow up too fast and your posts are great..I love seeing that beautiful boy of yours..he's gorgeous..kj

Sunny said...

Not sure if it was you intention, but, that prose was written very much like the style of the book, "Love That Dog", by Sharon Creech. If you have not read it, I highly recommend it. Just make sure you have a box of tissues nearby.

Sarah said...

LOL Our 10 month old Melat still hasn't a sign of teeth...but today she started walking while pushing a chair. Next thing we know, she'll be driving.

Julie said...

i know ya'll are savoring each moment...each is soooo precious!!
Julie & Adam

Guard Wife said...

Awww! It's so bittersweet, this motherhood thing. And, post lots of photos! LOL

Tracy said...

at first, i was like, "oh, no! What happened?" then i kept reading... :)

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