Saturday, August 22

three things

It would appear that I am already behind! I did write up a post last night but I guess the internet ate it. Here goes another... and I'll make up for the missing one. 


that make baby giggle:
1. eating his toes
2. tickling his belly
3. making funny noises

that always make baby happy:
1. bath time
2. johnny jump up
3. mommy's cell phone

that might make baby unhappy:
1. taking too long between bites at meal time
2. getting hot in the carseat
3. having to take a nap when we're having too much fun

that we do with mommy:
1. sing
2. bath time
3. stroller rides

that we do with dada:
1. bedtime books
2. fly through the house
3. play keepaway the kisses from mommy (this is not as fun as it sounds. well, at least for mommy anyway. but baby and dada really think it's funny.)

that we do everyday:
1. lotion up and put on jammies
2. make faces during meal times
3. take pictures

And of course, because I am required, I leave you with a picture. : ) You're welcome. 

my two favorite guys
doing one of their favorite things


neely said...

glad to have you back in blogger world. when are you coming to seattle??

Guard Wife said...

Such a cute photo!! :)

The little guy has such a sweet smile!

Melinda :)

Are These Kids All Yours? said...

Loving the posts!!!!! And of course the pic too!!!

Michael said...

He is so cute! AND I am loving that you are blogging again:)


The Hull's at #4 said...

Sweet Boys!!! Love you guys!!

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