Wednesday, December 22

Stirring up baby Jesus

I wanted to write a blog post about something. Anything. But I have too much stuff to do.

I need to throw the clothes into the dryer and start another load.

But I can't do that until I make some more laundry soap. To do that, I need to get out all the ingredients and wash the big bowls I use that Asher has taken over to collect his favorite toys.

What are his favorite toys? A giant jingle bell, the green ring (From the stacking toy), a teether, a pig rubber pig, and baby Jesus (who was promptly evicted from his nativity set to live in the bowl in the bottom drawer in the kitchen). He likes to stir his toys with a big wooden spoon. And I let him. Except it's a little strange to me that he's stirring up baby Jesus.

I'm trying to be encouraged that at least baby Jesus is one of his favorites that gets extra special treatment.


emariestar said...

Hi there,
A while back you mentioned something about a recipe for bath soap, and you said that it's so great you don't even need to use lotion. Just wondering if you posted the recipe at some point? If not, would you mind posting it sometime? We are bringing two daughters home from Ethiopia soon, and I would LOVE to know what you use!
Thanks so much!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Is there some theological thing in there? YOu know mixing up some Jesus in our everyday lives??? He he he- love you guys! Have a very Merry Christmas!!!!

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