Wednesday, January 7

one more left

More referrals today. More beautiful babies finding their way into the hearts of families waiting. 
There is only one more referral to be made before it's my turn...

Kim is sitting at number one.
I am sitting at number two.

In all seriousness, I ask that you would go to the Father for us. We have still not heard back about Justin's fingerprints and we do not yet have our FDL. In short, without this really important piece of paper, we don't have permission to adopt. So I beg of you to please boldly pray for a miracle that the fingerprints would be accepted and we would quickly receive our paperwork. 

For fun, I thought we could make some guesses about when we'll get a referral. Now, it's pretty obvious that it will most likely be a boy. I know, there are those of you who knew that from the beginning. Anyway. Let's take a poll...

When will Baby Galindo be announced?
There's some generic guesses on the sidebar on the right, or you can place a real guess in the comment section. If you win, we'll work out some kind of prize (something from etsy, bragging rights, first to hold the baby, whatever!) and if you don't, it will still be fun to play along. And I'll end up with a baby! Fun!! Start guessing!


Jana said...

Nell Ann! I will praying for the paperwork situation! Also, I would like to buy a few tagsies. Do you want me to do through Etsy or just send you a check?

"Indescribable" said...

Nell Ann - Praying for your FDL to show up in your mailbox quickly so you can accept your upcoming referral - it's going to happen soon!

What's your preference? Boy or Girl?
Peace to you and your whole Family!

Super Mom said...

Nell Ann I am so very excited to hear your good news. I'm guessing 1-2 weeks (sorry, that's not soon enough for you) and I'm praying for that FDL to show up right away so you can put that out of your mind!
love ya!!

Dawn said...

Praying for that FDL!!! My guess is... (drumroll).... Jan.15th!

Michael and Michelle said...

Nell Ann, You can make some calls....if you get a referral and don't have your FDL......."they" meaning immigration can expidite your paperwork if you have your referral. You need to call one of your senators or somebody who can call the USCIS office. DO it today!!!! Just in case!!!! Tell them that you will be gettting a referral ANY DAY and need your FDL so you can travel!!!!
I WILL be praying!
Also, I want to buy some suff too!!!! Should I just go to your Etsy site???


Cindy said...

I am going to guess the 5th of February (what day of the week is that?)okay it is a Thursday. I don't want you to wait that long but it was the day that Mihiret officially became ours so it is special to us :)
Can't wait to hear about your boy!!

Paul and DeeDee said...

I am going to guess next wednesday:) I am praying that you get that silly FDL very soon! Ours took about 2 weeks so hopefully it will show up like today!

And I guess you are right about the list thing! It's just not fair to have the list and know where you are this whole time and then to be in the dark! I mean, really, one way or the other!

jody said...

oooh, let's just pray that FDL right to you like, NOW!!! All the details are so aggravating aren't they?? But the Lord has your family's sweetie all picked out so we just have to see when you get to meet him! :)I guessed within the next month (I know that sounds long but it will be here before u know it and then it wil be so wild!!)

Paul and DeeDee said...

Is Kim Hull on the girls list too? I didn't think she was.... Still praying for that FDL!

Dawn said...

1. ok, yes lists are MUCH fun!
2. haha... hmmm, maybe we should do some detective work on our mothers!! lol
3. yes, they really put a lot of thought into everything
4. yes, TONS of stuff. its going to take me 3 months to unpack it all!
5. lucky parents :)
6. let's hope for some more referrals this week!!

Bethany said...

I hope this week is your week girly!!!!!!!!

Cheers, Prayers, HUGS!!!


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