Thursday, February 25

blurry fun at the park

Friday we went to Ikea, where Asher told me {in not so subtle language} that he does not love Ikea as much as I do. Which is sad, because he's been before and didn't tell me that then.  Anyway, as some sort of plead with him to like Ikea again, I promised him a trip to a park. Good thing we have a GPS! We found one right down the road and went and played. 

Life is always much better after playtime. This is actually the first time he's actually laughed out while enjoying the baby bucket. He's been in them before, but he either stares at his feet, or watches drool hang from his lip to the ground or tires of it easily. But on that glorious Ikea day, He laughed and I pushed him pretty high. Well, pretty high for a 13 month old, in my own opinion. 

Sorry the picture is wonky/janky/distorted but I took it with my iPhone and there's a bit of a delay and he was swinging pretty fast. It took several attempts and when I finally did get a good one, I also laughed out loud and immediately emailed it to everyone I could think of. Sorry I didn't think of you then.  Forgive me? 

Asher's day got infinitely better as we went to Grandmama's after this and he had a HUGE cookie. He sat in her lap for half an hour calmly licking one side, then the other. {He licked the cookie, not Grandmama.} Then he went to Willie's with some grandparent-type people where he was smothered {with both food offerings, waves, and blown kisses} to his heart's content. He had three chicken fingers, half a cup of puffs, six packages of crackers, a fruit cup, and many many fries. 


Are These Kids All Yours? said...

What? He doesn't like IKEA??? Oh no- he would not survive Jason's IKEAthons that we do where we are in IKEA for like 6-8 hours straight. Oh yeah you are imagining my fun at trying to entertain 7 children in IKEA right now aren't you. Let me tell you it involves a lot of gummy bears, twizzlers, and promises that we will leave- today- sometime. he he he next time I think I will try your trick of finding a park nearby :) And of course we will call you and go together :)

Tisha said...

Nell Ann... I am sure you hear this often, but seriously girl you crack me up!!! Love the post. Can you believe I have NEVER been to IKEA? I can't either, it's sad really. :)

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