Friday, February 12

seven things

This post was originally written August 2009, but for some reason was never published. Bummer. Here you go anyway. Lucky you. 

Here are some seven things about our boy:
(I picked seven because he's seven months old...)

1. Fruit
2. Lotion (twice a day)
3. Bathtime and Splashing
4. Sleeping in his carseat
5. Snuggling
6. The Itsy Bitsy Spider
7. Jumping

1. Meat flavor baby food
2. Not being able to see Mommy or Dada, but still hear their voice
3. Losing his pacifier in the middle of the night
4. That's all. He's super happy. 
5. Hate me. 
6. It's not my fault.
7. I prayed for him to be happy. And God answers prayer. : )

Favorite Toys:
1. Mommy
2. Dada
3. Johnny Jump Up
4. Exersaucer
5. Photobook of Mommy and Dada
6. Links
7. Stackable Donuts

Best Ways to Make Him Laugh
1. Tickling!
2. Smiling really big
3. Singing Itsy Bitsy Spider
4. Blowing on his belly
5. Squeezing his thighs
6. Playing Peek-A-Boo
7. Changing his diaper

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Sara said...

Yay for the most adorable photos in the universe!!!

Also, I like your polls. Those were fun. I want to put a poll on mine now. :)

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