Tuesday, February 16

Dedication :: A Huge Picture Post

I know what you're all thinking. Finally! She's going to post some pictures from that big party! Sheesh! Took her long enough. Well, fooey on you, because it took me about ten million years to narrow down the choices (yes, this is actually narrowed down!) and also another billion million years to upload them all to blogger. Holy Moly. So, shut your traps  sit back and enjoy the show. (And my dumb comments, or you may ignore them if you prefer.)

Yep. Lots of food. Good stuff. 
(Sidenote: I ate those lemon bar leftovers all by myself, as evidenced on my left and right thighs.)

Love this little guy. He's all clean and ready to party.

Somehow, all the menfolk ended up babysitting. Hmmm. How to make that happen again???

MeMaw and Grandmama 

Asher's very own cake.

There was a little hand holding. 

And a little smoochin. 

We are blessed. (Oh, and check out that fancy mantlepiece.)

We had the ceremony in our yard, in front of our family, friends, neighbors and the whole world. 

This is our cousin, Jason. He officiated. It was sunny.

I'm pretty sure this is everybody. There were a few stragglers who came in late, so they aren't pictured. 

Time for the good stuff. Dig in. 

Asher's very first ever cake!!!

He liked to ooze it between his fingers. 

One bite and he's already comatose. 

Then we see the shove method kick in. 

I do not like this hat! This hat is distracting from my focus on the cake!!

Eh, well, I'm going to have to be more focused. 

With the hat out of the way, cake gets in the hair. Just like everything else. 

I love you PawPaw Earl, but don't even think you're getting any of my cake.

Pure cakey bliss. 

Mimi and Grandpa
(Special thanks to Grandpa because he is the only one who helped Mommy clean me up. 
And boy did I need some cleaning!!!)

More smoochin.

Still hungry. 

That cake (and all the food I had before the cake) did not fill me up.

I have hollow legs, I'm telling you! Don't judge me!

Thanks for coming to my party! Or for looking at all of these pictures. If this wasn't enough, you can actually see all 215 photos on facebook (in two albums). Thanks! Oh, and if you haven't voted (in the top right corner, two different polls) then please do so! Consider this post and all these pictures your thank you and reward.

Another special thank you to Starshine Photography for all these great shots (and the rest on FB). Tracy is a complete joy to work with and her hubband is fun, too. {Some of these photos are on the website!}


missy said...

what a beautiful event! when is his bday? lulu's is the 9th. we had her party on the 13th. i'm exhausted. :) happy, happy birthday asher!

Are These Kids All Yours? said...

I love those lemon bars too- too bad I wasn't there. I would have fought you for them!!!! He he he

Love the cake pics & those cute smoochin' pics!!!!

Miss you!!!!!

Tisha said...

Those pictures are amazing. What a great way to remember such a special day!!!

Kristi J said...

oh, too cute...love that boy!! :) kj

"Indescribable" said...

oh I could have helped with those yummy bars too!
Thanks for sharing your pics - they're beautiful - great looking family!

The Young Family said...

Found your blog on the Ethiopia adoption blogs...we are also with AGCI and in the loooong waiting stage right now:). What PRECIOUS birthday picture...and what a beautiful sweet family you have!

Sara said...

I just caught up. LOVE the pics. The Cake pictures brought back memories of Noah's first bday. :) :) ADORABLE.

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Tracy said...

Hi Nell Ann,

Just wanted to let you know that I entered on of Asher's birthday pictures in a photo challenge and they are featuring it here:


Thanks for the linky love on your blog!

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