Monday, February 1

adopt a what?

Have you seen this? Check it out. 

It poses an interesting question about Jesus:

Are you using Jesus to promote your interests -- 
Or are you using your interests to promote Jesus?

And because I feel like I tricked you, here's a picture of my baby, too: 


neely said...

wow! seriously interesting read. something to think about...or pray about!
by the way, cute new blog header! miss you guys!

misty said...

he is so beautiful!

Sara said...

It was sooooo fun to meet you guys today! Your little munchkin is sooooooo funny and adorable! I enjoyed very much sharing my cupcake and potatoes with him. I especially liked the taste of my diet coke after he plunged his cute little hand into it. hahaha. Oh, and I just read your 3-part referral story - cried my stinkin' eyes out. :)

Mandy said...

I thought this was familiar - I looked and Tony blogged about it a while back here...
It was great visiting with you guys!
I didn't take many pictures at all. I'll have to steal some of yours, if that's okay. :)

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