Wednesday, February 24

the results are in

Well, the voting is finished. Lots of you told me you voted! Yay for you. Thanks for putting up with me and my blogging issues.

It turns out, more than 75% of you are adoption-related readers. I was kinda surprised by this! I really thought we had more friends and family, but I'm also thinking a lot of them didn't vote. {Shame on you silly people.} This means a lot of this content will remain adoption related. I think. At least, that's what the statistics say should be on the blog.  One of you said you were not adoption-related, and not a friend or family, and not a stranger. So now I am trying to think if that makes you a non-friend ... unfriend ... or an alien. Or maybe a zombie. If you are a zombie, please let me know because Justin has been waiting to meet a zombie for a really long time. It will be great. I promise.

The amazing thing is that hardly any of you (only 2) wanted all adoption related stuff ... so that is great, because I like to talk/write about all sorts of stuff. And now I feel like you will be less disappointed with me. There are a handful of you though (20%) who said they wanted more pictures of Asher and less of me talking. You are going to be disappointed. There will still be pictures of Asher. Don't worry. The world. Would. Stop. if we stopped taking pictures. But I'm afraid there will probably be more talking. And after the positive response to my all writing no pictures of Asher post, I'm ok with it and it will maybe happen more often. I have a lot of stuff like that all bottled up waiting to come out. Good thing, because I'm holding the three quarters of you who said you're completely smitten with GGG and devour everything here. So please keep coming back. And sending nice emails and comments. Those go a long way with me.

Here are some things coming up to look out for--
1. More updates more often: I am really looking forward to this now that I feel like I can color outside the lines of just adoption stuff. It's my blog, but for some reason I felt I needed permission. It's probably inherited from my perfect childhood and teenager-domness years. Yep. That's my story.
2. Our actual time in Ethiopia: It occurred to me recently that I never actually blogged about that. So hip hip hooray for something all of you will like. Me talking + lots of cute pictures of Asher.
3. More posts from my heart: I'm in pruning season. {This will be explained more fully in an upcoming post, but if you're dying for a head's up, check out John 15.}
4. Asher blogs: Yep. You read that right. Stay tuned for a series {yes, a series!!!} of blog posts written by Asher himself. It's going to be a great way to get to know him better. He's really excited about it.
5. Labels: You might not think this is very exciting, but if you're looking for all the posts about waiting, days at the park, or words only {yeah right, nobody is going to search for those!} then you'll be able to locate them much easier. This is going to be a big project for me, but I'm going back to the beginning and labeling each and every post. Just for you. Because you love Asher. And put up with me.
6. Sneak Peeks: It might be a sneak into part of our day, part of our weekend, or part of our next big plan, because nell ann likes to hold stuff over you we like to show a little love to our fan club. Ok, fine. Asher's fan club.

And because I feel like maybe you stuck with me and read this whole post, the next one will have pictures as your reward. I'm big into rewards. Real big.

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