Saturday, February 6


Friday was a great day. Many of our adoption friends were in the area and we all were able to get together and play. Two of the Hulls made it to Houston from Brownwood, Tx while Molly was touring a college, and nine of the ten Wrights drove in from Louisiana. Our three families met at Culver's for lunch, and then made the drive to Hockley to visit the Fowler Family and meet TWO MORE families with lovely Ethiopian children. (So good to meet you Sara and Rose and Rob!) All SIX of our families have used AGCI and several of our kids were there together. Between their overlapping ages and what not, nearly all of them would have been there at some point with at least one other. I know that Asher was there with several of them. They were very excited to all be together. 

276 is the actual number of pictures I took. 273 is the number that came out blurry. These kids were so busy playing! Not one of them was really willing to stand still for a picture. I mean, they all smiled for me -- but more likely it was because I was chasing them around with a camera, dodging toddling toddlers and big kids on wheeled things and all sorts of crashing. It was glorious. All of us thought so. Here are just a few shots to show our fun. Like I said, tons of them were blurs -- and then my battery died. I am kicking myself because after all the hard playing there was a lot of sweet snuggling. I'll do better next time, I promise! 

"Look, no hands!!!"

"Why are you still trying to take my picture? Can't you tell I'm politely trying to avoid this?"

Henry had the best time looking for things (or people) to crash into! 

Sweet Elizabeth couldn't have her picture taken enough. 
She always has one of these huge smiles ready for you!

This is one of TWO pictures I have of Finn standing still. 

Abigail thought it was hilarious that I got this close. 

Matthew was too busy for me. 

Jonathan's tire was flat. 
Sweet Ellie pushed him around for a long time, but here he is just hollering for someone to help him!

Daddy to the rescue!

This is precious Nora. Look at those lashes!

This is the only smile I got from Giddy. Then my camera died. Which is ok, because then he was my new best friend. Giddy is an excellent snuggler!!

And this is what my boy Asher did. 
He found a big patch of mud. 
Later he found a big fun puddle and soaked his britches. 
He spent his time outside trying to avoid adults and responsible children who tried to keep him from said mud and puddles. 
I think he's going to be  
 a l l   b o y. 

It was an amazing day with you and we hope to all get together again very soon!!!


Are These Kids All Yours? said...

It was SOOO MUCH FUN!!!!!!! WE NEED to do this AGAIN! Our kids couldn't stop talking about it, and about all the other kids. Thank You SOO much for this much needed time with other families who understand & love us!

"Indescribable" said...

Great pics! Wish I was there to enjoy all these families that I've met via the blog world! The children are so beautiful!

Sara said...

It was sooooooooo fun!!! :) And WOW, you take awesome pictures!

Anonymous said...

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