Monday, December 1

It's time!

It's the first week of December.
We all know what that means.
New official numbers.

(I really hope I get a phone call before Friday.)
(Waiting all week REALLY stinks.)

Here's hoping for single digits.
It's going to happen.
I just know it.


Cindy said...

Fingers crossed!!!!!

Renee said...

I think we are 6 I'm hoping lower so that should put you in single digits. Our nursery is started it actually need the first coat of paint finished and then i need to go to the store and get another gallon of paint in a darker color for the second coat because the first coat is definitly not what i wanted. Furniture is in the middle of the room covered in plastic. I have a feeling it won't get anything more done until after the holidays as much as i'm anxious to get things set up and start putting things away..the lower those #'s get the more freaked out i am. This month should be an email update for #'s but I wouldn't mind getting "the call"haha.

Renee said...

I assumed (should never do that) that everyone was on the same rotation of call or email maybe not. November update I got a phonecall which didn't come until Friday. I know christy was running things on her own so I assumed thats why it came so late. This month for me should be an email so i was thinking it would come earlier in the week unless of course they have some referrals to give and then i'm willing to wait. If you got an email last month then I guess you might be on an opposite schedule and get a call this month. I'm kinda hoping I don't see AGCI pop up on my phone until its "the call". And yes i'm still praying it comes before christmas

Erin said...

I'm praying, and we still need to get together like soon!

~Laura~ said...

Thanks for stoping by my blog! We're pretty stoked about our new courtdate!

Hope you get your call soon! I'll keep checking back for updates. Looking forward to following your journey!


Renee said...

Nell ann let me know what you find out about #'s..I was sure we were all in order to in oct thats why the nov update confused its dec and i'm more confused HOpe i get a referral by january or i might totally lose it haha. Ya never know we could all still end up traveling togeather I will email Kim soon I just keep getting sidetracked.

Dawn said...

I'm sure your official # will be higher than what it actually is due to all the referrals that were given out this week...but I think your unofficial #'s should be really good!! How exciting!! Your wait on the list could be very short!

Renee said...

anything yet?? I'm freaked out that we are at least 5 and might very well be 3

Paul and DeeDee said...

still waiting over here for julie! But I think we are 15! I am freaking out! I just think we might go crazy after Kristi gets her referral since there are 5 huge blank spots between you and her. Although its looking good for you on the boy side of things:) You guys are in our prayers!

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