Tuesday, December 30

asking for prayers

Hi all, I come asking prayers!

We have friends who have a court date tomorrow and we're praying for a speedy, positive outcome. Join us in praying for that. 

Also, Justin is having his fingerprints done again at noon 12/30.  Please pray that these go well and are accepted (miraculously like our homestudy prints) so that we can accept a referral. Without these prints, we won't receive our FDL (important piece of paper that says we can adopt a non-citizen & bring them back to the U.S.) and our agency won't be able to give us a referral until that is done. 

Please pray that the technician be skilled and know how to get the best prints possible off Justin.

Please pray that Justin be patient and have God's peace about this process. This can be so frustrating.

Please pray for quick processing of these last documents so that we'll be ready to accept a referral as soon as one is ready for us! 

Thank you for praying with us; it blesses our family and allows you to play an important role in the making of our family!


Kristi J said...

wow, you're up late too...praying for you guys...the fingerprint thing was pretty easy..it went smoothly and we had all four kids with us running around :) Kristi

"Indescribable" said...

I was thinking wow Nell Ann is up late, and then saw your time Kristi.... you're up late too. How do you people do that? I'm in at 9! (Hoping the kiddos will help me keep my beauty sleep schedule)

Nell Ann; We'll pray hard that your FDL comes quickly. We've had some good experience in quick turn around on that part of the process. (we received our letter and didn't know it was the actual letter b/c it came in so quickly!) God is Good and He shows us all the time how much He cares and knows our needs. Peace to you both at this time! Hugs

Sunny said...

Praying hard for you guys! May your FDL come really quick!


Renee said...

Hey any idea on how the fingerprinting went? HOpe things work out and you guys get that all important paper soon..Referrals are coming i just know it.

Amber said...

Love the blog template! Lol, I have the same one. Praying for positive outcomes in court!

Amber said...

where in TX do you live. We live in Rockwall. (22 miles east of Dallas) I would be happy to make you a header if you have pictures you want me to use. :)

Maria and Family said...

Praying all went well with the fingerprints!!

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