Saturday, December 6

woo hoo!!

It's in! Our new numbers are in!! Let's review, shall we?

girl: 25
boy: 15
sibling: 9

girl: 19
boy: 11
sibling: 9

And now, for December:
girl: 15
boy: 8
sibling: 10

Holy Smokes, Batman! Single Digits! Yay! 

Sidenote: we received our info at 4:45 pm (CST) on Friday, so we have the most up to date numbers after some officially accepted referrals. So, other bloggers, adjust off us! 

Also, I do realize that our sibling number went up. Another family in the program ahead of us changed their homestudy to accept twins, so they ended up in the siblings list ahead of us. I've been assured that it is still very highly unlikely that we would end up with siblings because they aren't referring many of them lately. And that's fine. Just keep those referrals coming!

Plus, there were several referrals that went out this week so I know that unofficially, we are even lower on the girl's list for sure. Yay!


Renee said...

Nell Ann you have to be lower unoffically on the boy list to. Your offical # brings you in right behind our offical #...What did Kim get for an offical #? All signs point to be being #3 right now...your #'s if i chose to pay attention would only confuse me more so i'm beliveing that i'm #3 haha.

Renee said...

With wade and Laura's referral that put us at 5 but we think the unknown people already had referrals...did Kim get an official 7?? That would put the 3 of us right back in order and might mean we are 3,4 and 5...are your freakin out yet cuz you are flying up the boy list even faster then i did.

Stacie said...

Wow!!! Soooo close!! Exciting! And - I got your email and was actually in Wal-Mart the other day (haven't been in there in about a year) but didn't see the thing you were talking about! I looked!

Cindy said...

Awesome movement! Thanks for the sweet comments about Mihiret's hair! It is a labor of love for sure :)
Can't wait to see what your referral will be!!!!

Dawn said...

Welcome to single digits!!! Isn't this so stinking exciting?!?! Let's hope for another exciting week!!!

Our journey said...

You have moved so much in the last two months! I am so excited to see you with your little one. Praying you have peace as you wait.

missy said...

what fun to see you rising up on all the lists!!! i still don't get the official/unofficial stuff, but anyway you look at it, you are getting closer to your baby!!!

missy said...

...and thanks for your sweet words of encouragement on my blog.

Renee said...

Nell Ann based on the offical # that Troy and Amber just got today and where they were last month it looks like the list for a boy reads like this
1. Tim and Dawn
2. Jody
3. ME and Sean
4. Kim
5. YOU
My blog stalking has kicked into overdrive..come on christmas babies

Kim said...

Nell Ann How do you work this thing? Am I on? Are these numbers real eeeeeekkkkkkk! WAHOO!!!!!!!!

Renee said...

NellAnn did you ever get the email I sent about the baby book?? I emailed Kim today as well probable came across very awkward haha. Come on christmas babies...we need news....I wanna buy a babies first christmas ornament and hanging a stocking...

Renee said...

umm Ok i emailed you haha..

~Laura~ said...

Awesome! you guys are getting close! :)

missy said...

remember how i told you i thought you had the cutest blog template? well now i do too b/c i got it! yea me!

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