Wednesday, December 10

interesting things

1. I had a dream last night where Julie (our case worker) called to tell me that our new official number was 1/2. I kept asking her, "What does that mean? How can our number be one half? That's only a fraction!?!" And she just kept repeating herself over and over. Weird. Maybe it's a hint that I'm half way through the wait for my referral. 
(There are rumors around that I may be unofficially #5 on the boys list...but I'm choosing to ignore that. Better to stick with officialness if you ask me.)

2. It snowed in Houston. It's crazy, I know. Yesterday it was 75 degrees and today it snowed. For hours. Real snow. It even stuck to stuff. Amazing. 

3. The etsy site it actually up and running. I've even had a purchase already. Amazing! New items will be added soon. And I can make different versions of anything you see on there in other colors or themes.  I also went ahead and designated the sale of all Africa items to go directly to orphan care. 15% of all other purchases go to orphan care as well. Check it out. If you'd like. No pressure. : )


Dawn said...

1/2??? haha - too funny!

I just checked out your site - CUTE stuff!! I think I may have to do some shopping!! That africa tagsie - umm hello super cute!!

Laurie said...


Oh my.

jody said...

1/2-that just made me laugh-i think it is a metaphor for all the things in this process that make you go "huh? that doesn't make sense" b/c there seem to be a lot of them! so funny, though!!

Super Mom said...

1/2 that's hilarious! I would totally have a dream like that too :)

Tisha said...

Your dream is too funny!!! Wouldn't that be wonderful if you are 1/2 done and your referral was just around the corner!?

Jana said...

What a great shop!! So glad you've gotten some orders. #5 is really close! Too cool!

Paul and DeeDee said...

oh I love the stuff on your site! Do you think you could make my little Jackson a shirt with a tie on it? He wears a 2T though:) email me:)

missy said...

just visited the site...darling things. i am feeling sad that we aren't having a boy since those tie onesies are so dang cute. i will definitely keep them in mind for gifts!!!! by the way, your holiday blog has the cutest design of any out there. love your style!!!

Lauren said...

Hey Nell Ann,
Thanks for the warm welcome. I love your dream by the way.
I was reading through your time line and saw the homestudy rejected date. What's that about. Our homestudy is being written right now, how likely is it that it'll be rejected? That sounds really rough.

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