Sunday, May 25

halt on all progress

I've been in and out of town all this past week. It certainly did not help me feel any better and so I am still sick. When I returned back home, I had a visual stack of emails in my inbox from our new social worker. Let's just say that none of it was good news.

There are several things missing from the homestudy and we'll need to redo so many things. At this point, it's like we've lost the last four months. It's actually like we're starting completely over.

I know that we will have a baby.

It just seems so far away.
And to be honest, it's incredibly hard watching others continue to start after us and pass us, finish paperchasing, climb up waitlists, and accept referrals.
I may need to take a sabatical from the blog community for a while.

Learning to really lean on Him.


Christin and Robbie said...

i know just how you feel! Praying for you!

TedTracie said...

I think sometimes taking a break from the blogs does help. I wouldn't let myself be a part of the list serve community until I got on the wait list and there were so many times I felt like I needed to take a break from blogging.

Thinking of you!

Tracie in TN

Cindy said...

I am so sorry that you are experiencing these setbacks. To this day I think that if everyone had done what they were supposed to do we would have received a sibling referral....we probably would have been home over a year now as well.
Do not get me wrong, everything worked out beautifully and I cannot imagine a baby who would be a better fit for our family.
I wish you both the best and hope that you will join us again soon with good news!!

Laurie Cuchens said...

Nell Ann-
So sad to hear that things are not moving along. What a disaster! It is very hard to read about others rejoicing in the Lord's goodness when you feel so empty. Billy and I were saying the other day that it feels like our whole relationship has been one wait after the other and it gets really old! It's like, God have we not learned whatever lesson you want us to learn in our waiting, yet? But isn't life all about waiting? We wait for Christ to come back every day-some days longing His return more than others! My prayers are with you as you trudge through this exhausting and frustrating time.

PIJill said...

Hang in there. We are in the same, stupid, 2 steps forward, eight steps back dance of the paperwork right now, and it drives me NUTS and nearly every day I look at my husband and we moan "I hate PEOPLE!" at each other, and in my secret heart I want to kick my social worker in the shins for being so young and unable to understand the urgency of getting it all done.

Hang in there - there are lots of us in this stupid boat!

Our journey said...

Praying for you!


Margo said...

hey! i'm so happy that we have a blog community so that when we move to houston we already know people to hang out with!!! right now we are looking in the clear lake/league city area. i want to teach but i'll take any job i can get at this point...clayton is looking for worship leading jobs...we are praying for your paperwork!

Kellie & Marc said...

(((Nell Ann))) I think I know that feeling too. I'm so sorry you have to redo so much stuff. I hope it all goes by quickly.

Dave and Gloria said...

miss you

A Team said...

I have a new blog address...
If you put it on your blog roll, list us as the A-Team...
We are trying to be a little more ambiguous with personal information.


Michael and Michelle said...

How are you??? I've been checking in to see how things are going.
We miss you.


Cindy said...

Still checking on you as well!

C & R said...

where are you we miss you!!!!!!

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