Tuesday, July 1

we're still here

Thanks to those of you who are constantly checking in on me/us. Hubband remains a calm and distracted man, unbothered by the state of our adoption. He's too busy loving his new job to deal with the downer of a crazy wife.

I, on the other hand, am taking my very last final ever this evening. Which means I'll have one fewer distraction to keep my mind off the state of our adoption.

I am feeling better though. I am encouraged to see some travel calls and some referrals. Those are always good news, great news.

I can feel it, we're about to move on.


Cindy said...

Glad to hear it!!!

Anonymous said...

I miss you. Glad to see youre doing well.

Sharon & Mike said...

I'm so happy to see a new post. I am praying your paperwork gets moving too. How amazing it will be to read that post of your referral. It will happen, you know that. God will not let you down. As we saw this week, God rewards those who obey Him.

missy said...

we've just started the adoption process. i was wanting the badge of africa with the heart near ethiopia for my blog. can you tell me how to get it?

missy said...

thanks for your help! it's fun to have a new friend blogging-style!

C & R said...

Thanks dear, your right I know you can understand. How are things were are you guys at?

C & R said...

We all saw the POWER in prayer and fasting when we as a blog family took a day to do this for the hold on some of the Ethiopia adoptions.. SO I feel that we as a blog family need to do this for Margot (Julies' mom) SO please join me this Friday July 25,2008 for a day of fasting and prayer for Margots healing!!!!
"For the eyes of the Lord are over the righteous, and his ears are open unto their prayers."
1 Peter 3:12

Michael and Michelle said...

How are things going?
Are you still working on paperwork/home study????
Just checking in.

Robin said...

Hey ! Just checking in with you. I hope your final went well. I know the paperchase is crazy, but it will be over soon, and all will be right. All i's dotted and t's crossed. Know that we miss you posting, and would love to hear how you are!!

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