Thursday, May 15

done and done

Our homestudy visit was great. She was on time! She was professional! She was personable!
It was great. She said the homestudy would be done hopefully by the end of next week.

In the meantime, our rep from AGCI said that we could send our dossier to be checked out. So yay.

Bummer is that I am miserably ill. So I have a dr appt in an hour. Then tomorrow I have to get another marriage certificate (luckily it's only ten minutes away and no lines!) and get another copy of J's physical health goodness.

I hate being sick.
But I love having progress on adoption!


Our journey said...

I am so glad you are moving forward with the process and that you are not letting the roadblocks stop you! There is a child waiting for you, a child God has set aside for you and your husband and the right time is coming soon. Hope you start feeling better!


Lindsay and Cindy said...

That is wonderful news (except for the sickness part)!! Hopefully you will be all done with the paperchase soon.

Sunny said...

Nell, I'm so happy for you! I'm praying that from here on out, it is smooth sailing for you!


God Gift From Ethiopia said...

Yay, things are moving up again. Remember God is always there for us.

Stacie said...

Oh good! I mean good that your homestudy is almost finished! It stinks that you're sick! Hope you feel better soon!!

Christin and Robbie said...

I am so happy the train is moving for you again! We are praying for you to feel better and for your adoption!

Brian and Autumn said...

So glad to hear you guys are moving along again!!

Kellie & Marc said...

Hooray for progress!!!

Sunny said...

Hey Nell,
How are things going? You haven't posted in a while. Did your homestudy get sent to AGCI? Praying for you and thinkg about you.

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