Wednesday, May 14

good feelings

Ok, so referrals for a boy, a girl, and a sibling set.
This is awesome!
Since I found out about all this today, and since today is our new homestudy appointment, I am taking it as a good sign.

Now, if only I had enough time to clean my house like I did the first go around. Oh well. Since I've had a three year old around lately...I know there is no sense in cleaning it today (she is here) and that it really doesn't matter anyway.

But, I really am going to start cleaning now.
Think happy thoughts for us tonight!


Robin said...

Nell Ann,
I will think nothing but good thoughts as I clean my house today...I will feel in union with you as you clean yours:)
Can't wait to hear about your job, too!

Our journey said...

Sending you some very happy thought and prayers as tonight the problem gets resolved! Praying for a quick (maybe less than a week) turnaround. You will be waiting before you know it.


Sharon & Mike said...

Nell Ann,

It's good to hear that you are pressing on for your precious baby. Don't worry about your house, I'm sure it's just fine. I'll be praying this homestudy is very quick so you can be a number, too.


Lindsay and Cindy said...

I hope that your new home study will be done very quickly. How was your home visit?

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