Friday, April 25

three weeks of bumps...and a bruised heart

Hi blog families. Just a little warning, but my heart is really aching tonight.

I received our biweekly update from AGCI. Since they put into effect the new wait list stuff, there are now
31 families waiting for a little girl
25 families waiting for a little boy
10 families waiting for a sibling set

There have been zero referrals in the last four weeks.

We're not even waiting yet. It's been three weeks with no word about what to do to fix our issue.
I am totally bummed.
: (


God Gift From Ethiopia said...

Don't give up and trust on God's plan. He is right there for you and everything is going to be fix. I know is hard, believe me, but don't loose your faith. Praying for you.

Stacie said...

I'm bummed for you, but it will happen! I know it seems like it won't, or it will be forever before it does - but it really does happen. It just sucks a lot on the way. Prayers for you and your heavy heart!

Cindy said...

I am so sorry that you are discouraged. I understand completely. When we chose our agency they said the wait for referral would be 2 the time our dossier was in and we were officially waiting the wait time was 5-7 months.
We do believe that we have the child that was meant to be part of our family. She is spunky, opinionated, active and smart. We couldn't have asked or more.
Hang in there. It will be wonderful!!

Michael and Michelle said...

Nell Ann,
My heart hurts for you and your husband. Adoption is not easy! It never happens the way we think it will. Just remember God sees the whole picture....he know the perfect time for everything to happen. Just continue to pray "God's will be done" and God will continue to open or close doors.
I will continue to follow your journey and see what God leads you to do.
Thinking of you,

Our journey said...

Nell Ann - My heart aches for you during this time. Your predicament seems unfair and yet as trite as it sounds you must continue to trust in God and his perfect plan for you. My brain understands God has what is best for me in mind, that my child is not ready and that is why we will have to wait so long, but my heart can not be reasoned with so easily and aches for my child. I am just trying to say that I understand the struggle you are going through. Take comfort in the fact that our Lord is walking right beside you and will pick you up when you stumble.

Sending you peace that only our Father can give and many prayers,

Margo said...

sorry to hear about your bumps...all i can say is that it is totally worth the wait (even though waiting sucks). and yes, i could use less ryan and more jim/pam. like when will he propose???? it has to be in the next 3 episodes...and the best part without a doubt was when toby felt up pam's knee!! hilarious!!! i will miss toby though!

Kellie & Marc said...

(((Nell Ann))) Oh girl, I can feel your pain. When our social worker told us we could be waiting 12 - 18 months or even longer we couldn't help but wonder if we had chosen the right agency, if we did the right things, if would should have started sooner.... All I can say is that God has the perfect child picked out just for you and he's now leading you down his path so that you arrive to that child at just the right time. Stay strong...

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