Wednesday, April 16

did you hear the good news?!

Yay! So things are feeling better today. I got this amazing email today from our case manager at AGCI. From now on, families do not have to wait for their FDL to get on the list. That's right. I know, there's hope for us yet!

Someone reminded me just the other day that while this is all in God's hands and His perfect timing, there is no reason that I can't (or shouldn't!) tell the Lord how I feel and ask for a miracle. Then again, isn't it already a miracle that He's located our missing family all the way in Africa? Wow. God is so good. And today, so is AGCI.

Dear Wait List,
Hi. We'd really like to meet you and be part of what you're doing. We've been having some issues lately but are working to resolve all of that. We are excited to learn that your club is not as exclusive as it once we're hoping to rush right out and pledge as soon as we can. Get ready and make some room for us, please!


Our journey said...

You will be a number before you know it. I have been praying for that FDL and look what God did instead. This is even better, because it gets more families closer to their kids!! Yeah GOD!!

Praying your speed bump will just disappear!


Cindy said...

Number coming soon huh? That is awesome. Here is something to help (maybe) AGCI's waiting for referral numbers are not nearly as high as CHS's (which from what can tell has 10 times more families waiting for referral) hopefully that helps.
Smiles : )

Michael and Michelle said...

Soon! I am so happy about this change too! That FDL wait is not fun!

Stacie said...

Oh that's good! What is the FDL wait? I'm confused b/c you know each agency does it differently. :)

Outdrsycple said...

You'll be on the list soon. We have one small correction to wait on still, but once we get the call that it is at AGCI we will get our number...I'm so hoping for this week! I love the letter to the wait list :)

Coming to Amharica said...

Thank you so much for the encouragement....I had tears in my eyes as I read your words. I cannot get over the encouragement that all our agency families have for one another. I know I can always count on them (you) to be there during the difficult times.

I can't thank you enough...yes, this is a hard day.
Dee Dee

Margo said...

ok, i think they only have 4 more eps of the office this season (thanks stupid writer strike!). i've heard that something big will happen soon...he has got to propose in the next 4 episodes right? i bet he proposes in the season finale and we have to wait the whole summer to get to her answer (which will of course be yes!)

Our journey said...

Hey there! How are you doing? I just want to keep encouraging you as you wait. The time will come (I know the words don't make it any easier) and the Lord will get everything straightened out. Praying for you!


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