Wednesday, April 2

check check check

Hip hip hooray! Our home study was sent to All God's Children for review today (5-7 business days) and a completed, signed, and notarized copy of our home study should be mailed to us anyday to send to USCIS.

I'll mail the rest of our dossier this week (still having issues with pics) and then I'll be done.
Just waiting for CIS.
And then waiting for the wait list.
And then waiting for our baby.

At the Galindo house, we love The Office. I especially love Dwight's Beet Farm (and Bed and Breakfast). Today at Wal-Mart there was this little bright green onesie with a big red beet. It reads "and the beet goes on". I know it doesn't really represent The Office, but I feel like it's close enough for me to giggle at. And, I mean, come on! It's a cute onesie. I bought it in size 3-6 months. I realize that was really optimistic...but here's hoping. That's not the first onesie I've purchased, but there are definately not even a week's worth in the baby's closet, ranging in size from 3-6 months to 18 months. My dorky hubband makes jokes that our kid can "wear something once and just throw it away" implying that at my purchasing rate combined with our families'...that kid will have more clothes than Mariah Carey. And I pose the question, "what's so wrong with that?"

Update on bedding: it's coming along. My grandfather says "well, it looks like something alright". And my grandmother has made several comments about how dizzy she feels from looking at the fabric all the time. I can't help it. I like things a little modern, a little edgy, a little funky. Well, my kid does anyway. I'm still working on myself. (I've always had the soccer mom/kindergarten teacher issue.)

Thanks everyone for all your well-wishing and encouragement. It's meant more than you know!


Stacie said...

This is all good news! And, you know Micah was 5 1/2 months when we met him but he did wear 3-6 months for a while after he got home - he was a little bean! Not so much anymore though! :) Point is - your little one will probably fit into the beet outfit even if he/she is around 6 months. (He or she? or either? I can't remember) And, we LOVE the office too!
"Hey, hey, hey, It's JIM HALPERT." (in cosby voice :)

Our journey said...

What great news! I am glad your social worker finally got it finished and hope the turnaround at AGCI is quick.

Can't wait to see that bedding! I hope your grandma doesn't go crazy from the fabric!


Sharon said...

Nell Ann,

I just found your blog through Brian and Autumn's blog. It's wonderful to find other AGCI families while we all wait for our babies.


Brian and Autumn said...

I am so excited to see the bedding. I can't find anything I LOVE. I mean everything is just kinda "ok." Darn. Good thing I still have some time :)

Cindy said...

woo-hoo on being done with the home study!! I hope you have your little one home very soon. Mihiret LOVES looking at pictures of babies (although she had very little use for them when she sees them in real life).
Good Luck!

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