Saturday, March 1

by popular demand

Ok, here it is. You can stop checking our site six times a day to see if I've posted about it yet. Goodness gracious. Ha ha, like we're really that popular or in demand. But thanks for checking in and well-wishing!

Here are some fun things to know:
About our house:
1. I'm pretty sure it's never been this clean.
2. I'm pretty sure it will never be this clean again.
3. I'm really astonished at what we accomplished.

About our social worker:
1. I'm just guessing here, but I'm guessing she's about nineteen years old.
2. Her vocabulary is surprising...and I'll leave it at that.
3. She drives the biggest Ford 350 diesel pickup ever.

About our homevisit:
1. It started two hours late.
2. It's finally over.
3. We should have the completed homestudy next weekend.

I'm sure by now you're guessing that our homevisit didn't go exactly as we had pictured it would. But that's totally ok because I like seeing God's sense of humor and know that it doesn't even really matter anyway. I am really glad that we got so much clean, though. So there you go, two good things happened:
1. A really really clean house
2. One more step closer to our baby.

Oh, and in case anyone is wondering about our previous predictament of name choosing, we've finally decided on a name for either a boy or a girl. Yay for that. Now if only someone would get us a baby...


Michael and Michelle said...

So what are your names??? You can't tell us you have names and not post them:) I'm glad you made it through.

Cindy said...

That sounds very interesting. I hope that her vocabulary translates on to paper well : )
I am glad you are a step closer.

Our journey said...

Sound like a very intersting home visit! We got ours done today and should have our report done next week too. Maybe they will both be sitting on Martha's desk together! Can't wait to be a number!!!


Stacie said...

Well, that sounds like it went well at least - and it sounds like you'll have a good story to tell! :) Glad it's over!

Brian and Autumn said...

Yeah! It's done! Do we get to hear the names or is it a big secret?!?

Laura said...

Hey there,

The cloth dipe on my blog is a custom made from some lady on ebay. I'll letcha know what I think of it after I get it in the mail. I bought Baby Beehinds Magicalls and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!! I bought a few bum genius as well. I've started using them with my 2 year old that's not quick potty trained yet. Hopefully he will be soon but until then i'm trying all the different kinds out of him. :) Beehind Magicalls are my favorite by far.

Okay, off to read your blog. :) Looking forward to getting to know you.

Be Blessed,

Fan Club