Tuesday, March 4

oooow! i feel good...duhnuhnuhnuhnuhnuhnuh

I knew that I would!
So good, so good...
baby, I almost got you!
**I added a music player...how fun is that?!**

Ok, so that's my newest rendition of an old song. I have this habit of rewriting things to make them work for my life. You know, if you had your own tv show about your life and it had a theme song or montage...well, my life does! And watch out, because I am singing them often.

So, our completed homestudy should be finished this weekend. I know, this weekend! Tomorrow morning I have an appointment at the Houston Passport Office to get that. Yep, I will have my whole passport in one day. Yippie! And (and I love it when there's an "and") if our homestudy is done this weekend, then I can send it to CIS on Monday or Tuesday. And that will be the last stop before we can be official!

Now do you see why I feel so good? So that you may all feel good too, I am adding some feel good pics! That's right, some generosity just for you! Enjoy -- and FEEL GOOD! Yay!


Michael and Michelle said...

NICE!! I loved, loved, loved getting our finished HS!We "overnighted" our HS to the USCIS office to get that process going. Good thing we did since it took so long for our FDL to come.
You will love being a number....I'm still on the number "high" and hope to be for awhile.

TedTracie said...

YEA! I am so proud of you!!! ONE STEP CLOSER TO YOUR BABY!



Kellie & Marc said...

Whohoooooooo! (And, um, thanks. I will be singing that all day now, lol) Duhnuhnuhnuhnuhnuhnuh...

God Gift From Ethiopia said...

Congratulations for finishing this step. I am so proud of you.

Our journey said...

Good things come to those who wait!I will post in a couple of days : )

What are your parameters? We are going to be really close on this journey.


Our journey said...

We are doing 0-12 girl, since our youngest in not quite 2.

How long do FDL take in your state?

Where are you anyway!?!


Our journey said...

I know each location is different depending on how busy they are. I have heard of it taking anywhere from 7 days to 3 months : ( We are in Washington State, near Olympia.


Coming to Amharica said...

Oh you are too funny. I might go stick a package of sugar in my Moby Wrap right now and see what I think!!

Samantha said...

Good luck on your adoption!!

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