Tuesday, February 26

tomorrow is the day!

I'm nervous!!!
In about 25 hours our social worker will be arriving at our home to judge us. Ha ha. I mean, I know she's not judging us, but she's kinda judging us. So I'm nervous. Really nervous. And my house is a wreck. I'm off tomorrow so that I can start the mammoth cleaning process bright and early -- at 5:25am when hubband leaves for work. That will give me over 12 hours of pure, unadulterated cleaning time.

I wonder what all I can get done in that time...

Two weeks ago when I thought our home visit was that week, I made this massive list of things to do. I should start check, check, checking things off that list as soon as possible. I have done most of our laundry today. Even though I'm not really sure that she'll even be checking our laundry room, and I'm sure she expects some laundry to be in there, I still think there should only be enough to look like I didn't do it all before she got here. Like, maybe I'll leave an undershirt, a pair of socks, and a couple of washcloths or something. Did I really just think that? Am I really staging my laundry room? I told you that I'm nervous.

I've wasted enough precious time blogging when I should be cleaning! Let the whirlwind begin!


Cindy said...

It will be great! relax...they don't generally check the laundry room...or the grout in the bathtubs (much to my dismay after I spent like 2 hours scrubbing them)
I hope it goes perfectly.
Oh I also gave my social worker really bad directions to our house..she was lost for about half an hour...darn it.
Have Fub!

Our journey said...

I love reading your blog Nell Ann. My husband and I are having our home visit this Saturday and that is our last part of the home study, so we are pretty close to you guys. I have my cleaning list too and have started on it! I don't think it is weird at all to think about staging your laundry room : )We too are adopting from Ethiopia with AGCI. Just thought I would say Hi and not stalk anymore!


Brian and Autumn said...


Michael and Michelle said...

Soon your post will say....Home Study, CHECK! We are done and ready to wait!
We have been done and are still waiting on our FDL.

TedTracie said...


Gurskes said...

ohhh very excited to see how it went! This is such the "hump" of paper work...it's smooth sailing after this :-)

Stacie said...

I hope it went well! (I'm sure it did!!)

Michael and Michelle said...

How did the visit go??

Cindy said...


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