Tuesday, January 1

This IS the year!

Last night I couldn't sleep. Then the fireworks started. I know, I just admited how lame I am. Anyway. I started thinking about new year resolutions. Normally, I'm not a huge fan because I think we mean well but tend to make huge resolutions and then don't have much of a chance living up to them and then we feel awful. Or, if you're like me, you kinda just forget about them.
So this year I've decided to try something new. Really, two new things. And I feel pretty good about them.

Instead of making one or two (or hundreds) of resolutions to try to keep up with for a full year, I am instead going to make one a month. I mean, 30 days is not a really long time (like say, a whole year) and if I find that something isn't as cool as I thought, then no biggie, it's just one month and then I can try something else. And, just think, I could successfully change 12 things about my life in only one year!

The other new thing, is that I'm trying to celebrate happenings of the year more often. While listening to the pop, pop, bang, crash of fireworks last night, I started thinking of what all had happened in 2007. I mean, it wasn't as life changing as 2006 (move, get married, buy a house, get two puppies, change colleges and majors...all in less than three months) but 2007 was still a great year. And even better, I realized that 2008 is going to be awesome!!!

Here are some projected upcoming highlights of 2008 for your enjoyment (and mine):
--I will finally graduate. Let the Hallelujah Chorus begin.
--I will finish the dossier.
--I will take my last spring break vacation. This should be good.
--Justin will graduate from the Police Academy.
--Dan and Jess will tie the knot outside on a rice farm in June. (Crazy, I know).
--I will repaint the bathroom.
--We will celebrate our second wedding anniversary (maybe with another big party).
--I will get a referral for a precious baby who will join our family.
--I will meet and hold and hug and kiss said precious baby...about a million times.
--We will come home, as a family.

See! Tons of fabulous things! I can barely wait.


God Gift From Ethiopia said...

Hello!! Thank you for visiting our blog. We started our process on October 18 and we rushed as much as we can during this two months because is the only part of the process that is on your hands, the rest depend on other people. Right now we are waiting for the CIS letter, that is supposed to come this week or the next one, in order to be able to go to the waiting list. We are very excited. If there is anything that I can do for you let me know. Keep in touch.

Coming to Amharica said...

Thanks for the encouragement! I like your monthly resolutions idea. Good luck as you begin with AGCI. We've been very happy with them and think you will be too.
Dee Dee

Cindy said...

Hey we have good news! Thought I would pass it on...she is a beauty :)

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