Thursday, January 24

Questions for the Readers

Hello out there in BlogLand. So, as a soon-to-be first time mom, I have some questions. Today, I want to ask two:

1. What is the public opinion on breastfeeding adopted children? Has anyone tried? Success?

2. Is anyone out there teaching their little one Baby Sign Language? I've often thought of this, especially with the language barrier and saw this post on my friend's blog. There's a new post now, but scroll down to the Black Bean Incident. There's a terrific picture.

Thanks, and let me know!!!


Kellie & Marc said...

Hi Nell Ann, I've been following your blog. We had great success teaching our son a bit of baby sign language. It helped stop a lot of frustrations. Instead of whining and playing the guessing game, he could sign "help" or "milk" instead. I like to think it made him feel good to be understood. :)


Gurske Adoption said...

Hi girl,

Well since we have not finished our adoption fully I can't say from experience but...Jeff and I have taken ENDLESS adoption education and infant toddler adoption classes.

One of our classes actually focused on the breast feeding of an adopted child...many people do it and it is looked at as "totally normal." I personally would not do this, thats just me and my comfort level though. Even when I some day have a biological child I know I will stress out about the breastfeeding, Something about it just isn't comforting to me (I know it's not ALL about me), but heck maybe that will change.

Also I have had TONS and TONS of friends that have either adopted or had a child biological that use the sign language and LOVE IT. It is a great gateway of communication....however don't use it as a cruch and not teach your child to speak (yes I have seen's frightening!) Jeff and I will probably start learning basic sign to teach our child!

Sorry that was a lot...and it probably didn't help! :-)

Michael and Michelle said...

That's so funny that you just posted the question about signing. I just asked AGCI if they have ever thought about teahing simple sign to the older children at HH.
I have used siging with both of my bio children and it is/was great. I plan to do the same with the child we adopt.

Stacie said...

I've started signing with Micah and I think he is understanding that the signs go with the words. I wish I would have started earlier though - I started at almost 10 months. But, being a new mom is hard, so I kind of got behind. :)

And, the breastfeeding thing - I was in Eth. with another mom who was trying it. I don't think she was successful in the end, but I know she was trying and I admired her greatly for that. There is a lot of info out there and I've read, "Don't let anyone tell you that you can't do it." So, if you're thinking of it - Go for it! And, if not, there is also the option of the milk bank...

Christin and Robbie said...

I am am learning sign language over I use to know it really well but if you dont use you loose it, anyways when I taught preschool we used basic signs for the children and it helped them really get out what they wanted, plus it challanges their minds!!! Well anyways my husband and I are adopting from Ethiopia. Our agency is AGCI we would love any advice, support, etc. We arelooking to connect with people that are going or have gone down the sam eroad as we are. Hope to saty intouch

Laurie said...

Hey Nell Ann~
Thanks for stopping by my blog. Gloria told me about you a couple months ago and I am so encouraged that ya'll are going with Ethiopia. What a need there is! That is where we want to adopt our third, so I will come to you for major advice in a couple years! I have some posts on our old blog about that. That address is

We adopted our son from foster care and our daughter was a private domestic adoption. The nurses at the hospital asked me if I wanted to see a lactation consultant to breastfeed her. I chose not to. You can still bond with your baby by "wearing them" in a sling, having only you and your husband feed the baby for the first month or so-stuff like that. But I can tell you, our son came home at 16 months old and bonded to me in about 20 minutes...he is attached to me to this day! SO don't get worried about bonding. And as far as the nutrition aspect goes, my baby has been formula fed from day one and is healthy as can be. I am a HUGE advocate of making your own baby food, however.

We signed with some of our foster kids but so far I haven't done much with my baby. She is a chatterbox, I think she is going to be an early talker!

I will check back with your blog periodically and will be praying for your family!

Angela said...

i taught sign language to, and breastfed both of my bio kids and loved both! I've had some health issues since then, though, and it looks like it wouldn't be good for me to breastfeed again... so...
BUT! I think it is awesome to breastfeed an adopted child. I read the blog of a girl who breastfed her adopted little girl from Ethiopia. Check her out at

Sebrina said...

Hi Nell Ann.. I have breastfed all 4 of my children in public and wouldn't have it any other way. I would never go into "hiding" to feed my child. I have become quite discreet at it now with lots of practice :)

Laura said...

Hey again...

I'm planning on breastfeeding Mercy if she's young enough. The younger she is the easier it is for her to lactch. If she won't latch on then I'll pump for a while and bottle feed. I'm REALLY hoping breastfeeding works out because I LOVED it with my other two.

Also, sign language...we signed with Canaan and he was able to communicate his needs much sooner than average. He totally "got it" around 6 months and signed about 20 signs regularly. I say go for it. We LOVE the "Signing Time" DVD's...I suggest you pick up some of those.

Oh, and I just read your post about your home visit and I about peed myself. Seriously? A nineteen year old in a redneck it! God loves to just step in a blow our preconceived ideas right out of the water. :)

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