Wednesday, January 9

sweet smiles getting me excited

This week I've been caring for a dear friend's little girl. She's three. The time I've spent with her makes me realize how anxious I really am to get this family thing going. It's so precious to check on her during naps in what will one day be the nursery. It's so fun to watch her discover and learn about new things--like our chiming clock, naming the food at the grocery and eating a healthy "wunch" everyday. And when Justin gets home from work I totally bombard him with a long list of exciting things we did during the day. It's pretty fun.

So having her here has really encouraged me to get busier on the paperwork side of life. I've been making phone calls and arrangements during naptime--which I already appreciate--and at night.

So anyway, this is just a little post to keep me motivated during this not-so-fun stage of paperworking. But back to it!


God Gift From Ethiopia said...

You can do it!!!! The sooner you finish the paperwork, the sooner you go the waiting list and the sooner you will have your baby home.

TedTracie said...

The paper work is a crazy time. If it wasn't for Julie Beeler I wouldn't have been so motivated. She was always on top of things which made me feel like I had to be too.
Set goals... That always helped me. I would say I want to have this done by ... and that seemed to help.

Stacie said...

Sounds like you're getting good practice - especially where you say you're getting things done "during naptime." That is so my life right now. :)

And, I agree with the comment above - set goals! We had a goal to get everything done in 6 months and we were DTE in 5 1/2- which I still can't even believe. (Granted, I took the semester off from grad school and did a lot of things while I was at work and should have been working, but whatever! :)

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