Tuesday, January 29

I've been tagged!

I'm so excited to have been tagged by Stacie because that means I have blogfriends! Yay! So here goes nothing (in no particular order):

8 things I'm passionate about:
1. Adoption and how it is now a part of my life
2. Being involved in the lives of my friends
3. My hubband
4. Spiritual growth
5. Being intentional and significant
6. Serving others
7. Laughter
8. Decorating (Ok, I am a little embarassed to admit it, but it probably has to be on this list.)

8 things I want to do before I die:
1. Adopt! A lot!
2. Graduate (soon!)
3. Make the perfect meal (including a perfectly set table)
4. Take Justin to Disney World even though he's convinced he'll hate it
5. Run a marathon
6. Foster parent
7. Clean out hubband's hobby room
8. Have everything clean at once (house, yard, laundry, hubband, etc.)

8 things I say often:
1. I love you
2. Just kidding
3. Uhh, in the dryer
4. No, not yet
5. Let's do it
6. I'm ok with that
7. Yay!
8. May I have a tall cafe vanilla frappacino with no whip, please?

8 TV shows you recently watched
1. The Simpsons (Hubband recently introduced me...and bought several seasons)
2. "History in the Classroom" (varies topic, on the History Channel from 5:15-6:00am)
3. Designed to Sell
4. Still Standing
5. Dirty Jobs
6. Survivorman
7. The Duggars (these people have 17 bio children!!!)
8. The music channels on our TV (no, not MTV)

8 Songs I never tire of listening to: (this was really really hard for me so I'm changing it to artists instead)
1. Norah Jones
2.Barlow Girl
3. Enter the Worship Circle
4. Josie and the Pussycats Soundtrack (haha, I know...)
5. Jude
6. Dashboard Confessional
7. The Shins
8. Ben Folds/Ben Folds Five

8 things that attract me to my friends:
1. ability to laugh at anything
2. desire and willingness to take funny pictures
3. high moral fiber
4. love of coffee, especially Starbucks (we are being honest here)
5. love of sweets (as long as we're being honest)
6. willingness to go along for the ride
7. good advice, both giving and taking
8. ability to talk (or email) for hours about nothing

8 Things I learned in 2007:

1. marriage gets better and better
2. it's ok to change
3. I actually like this blog stuff (who would have thought?)
4. laugh and get over it
5. God will teach you anything you're willing to learn (and some things you're not)
6. I really am an excellent baker (see no. 5 above)
7. happiness is not a place, it's a life skill
8. life really is so much fun!

Ok, so now I'm supposed to tag some people:
Bethany, Amy, Tracie, Cindy, Michelle, Adanise, Vickey, Christin, Kellie, and Glo.
Yay for blogbuddies!


Christina said...

I love these lists, because they summarize you so well. Gosh, I miss hanging out with you. I am going to have to schedule a trip to your neck of the woods soon. Have a wonderful day!

Brian and Autumn said...

It was really fun reading these "summaries" of you. My husband and I have been following along with your blog - we are adopting from Ethiopia too!! I am so excited I can hardly stand it :) Nice to "meet" you.

Christin and Robbie said...

Wow..I feel like I know you more already....hope your having agreat day!

Stacie said...

Fun! Thanks for playing along!

Cindy said...

Thanks for tagging me! Funny thing is I was about to do the same thing to you. he he he. Fun Stuff!!

Christin and Robbie said...

Hope all is well! Hope to talk soon!

clayton said...

Ben Folds...
I'm with you.
I've seen him live.
Our first dance at our wedding was "The Luckiest."
Ben Folds rocks.

Cindy said...

Hey there! I finally got a picture of Mihiret on the blog...

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