Saturday, January 29


It was two years ago today that we received our referral call from Julie at AGCI 

And two years ago today that I let my grandparents see his sweet face before I did

And two years ago today that I called Justin while he drove a patrol car with the lights and sirens and he kept saying, "what?!" 

Two years ago today I held my breath the entire night at Refuge to not give it away and share at the very end what had happened that day

Two years ago tonight, we had our family and friends here at our home where Justin and I would sit down together, after a long day of waiting and wondering, to see our son's face on a computer screen

Two years ago, we turned the screen around and watched and listened as everyone we loved ooohed and ahhhhed about our unnamed child

Two years ago we ate rich chocolate cake and jumped up and down and squealed and screamed and cried and danced and shouted and prayed and praised and felt the joy of family

Our son was only three weeks old 

Our son was tiny

Our son.

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And because I am feeling especially sentimental and have a few more minutes until naptime is over, here are some fun places to go back and relive all the excitement.  
All the comments are super fun, too! Be sure and check those out as well. 


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

What a BEAUTIFUL story of God!!!!

Kim said...

What a SPECIAL time for your family this must be! Soak it all in!

(from a new reader!)

e.faeth.adopt said...

we follow your blog....and just wanted to say happy R-versary!

he was so itty bitty !!

Candace said...

I love reading your beautiful writing. You have a way with words that melt my heart, not to mention a beautiful story and family. You are a wonderful inspiration. Congratulations on this amazing milestone!

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