Thursday, January 20

Asher's Birthday :: Part 2

We decided to forgo the big party this year and do a simple birthday dinner on a weeknight with all our parents. Which was great because there were no invites to make or mail, no weather to worry about, and no exposure to sick kids. There was, however, a lot of laughing and squealing and screaming. Not just by Asher, either. You put eight adults madlyinlove with the cutestbabyonearth and see what volume you reach. "It goes up to 11." {Bonus points if you know that quote. Serious bonus points.}

I made a super simple dinner of soft tacos, spicy corn, pinto beans and cupcakes (with incredible fugde frosting). All served buffet style. I have no idea why my family didn't do things this way growing up. So fewer dishes! Anyway. Super easy and quick and tasty. 

 {Any "My Name Is Earl" fans? We love the closed-eye picture tradition.}

There are no family photos. I can not believe it! I'm resolving right now to be better about making someone take a picture of Asher with his Mommy and Daddy. Seriously. 

The plan was simple: sit around the table and eat while we watch Asher eat. He always provides good supper-time entertainment and general face messyness. He was definitely entertaining during dinner. The best part was probably after dinner, though. Justin got up and began clearing the dishes (I know, bonus points for him) and when I joined him Asher went to play with his little barn. He loves the music and plays the songs over and over and over again. Well, he played the songs and ran in circles. The entire time we did dishes. At least twenty five circles. He'd stop and dance for a  minute, but then back to running. None of the grandparents took pictures though, so be mad at them, not me. I think we did get some video, so I'll try to check into that soon. And my next post won't have anything to do with Asher's birthday. But it will probably still have something to do with him. Let's just face it. 

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Paul and DeeDee said...

Why don't you make 10 louder and make 10 the top number and make it a little louder?

These go to 11.

:) Happy Birthday Asher!

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