Wednesday, January 19

Asher's Birthday :: Part 1

You've waited long enough. No more delays. I mentioned here that I'd made about thirty meals. It just so happened that I did that when Justin was out of town. And it was Asher's birthday. Sometimes things just happen that way. Here's how it went down. First, when it's your birthday, I am an advocate of having whatever you want for breakfast. Actually, I feel like this fairly often, but especially on one's birthday. Especially when you're two. So Asher has milk and grapes and donut holes. Actually, this is his first experience with cakey donut holes, but I thought he'd like them and they sounded good to me when we were at Kroger. Don't judge me.

Asher ate his breakfast, we practiced our flash cards and sang happy birthday and I started on this. 

Cajun 16-bean soup. Can you find sixteen different beans? Me either. I only counted twelve. Maybe I'll try again later when we eat some. 

While I souped, Asher played. We're big fans of free play on Saturday mornings around here. I just read an article about how free play is really good for fostering independence. Not that he needs any help in that department. 

I rounded up supplies for all my meals. While it was a lot of work, I am excited to do it again. And it's been so fun to eat things from our freezer. Tonight we're having Santa Fe Chicken Chili and tomorrow Cream Cheese and Spinach stuffed Chicken wrapped in Bacon. Be jealous. 

Asher helped me get out some other things. 

I cooked, he played. He cooked, I played. We cooked. We played. 

We took a break for lunch and wagoning. Asher received a Radio Flyer for Christmas so we wagon often. Elmo was in Asher's good graces that day, so he was offered a wagon ride as well. 

After wagoning, Asher took a nap and I returned to the kitchen. Later that night, Asher went to MeMaw and PawPaw's for dinner and movie. Lucky kid. I was still in the kitchen...

P.S. Asher loves meatballs.


missy said...

he's gotten so big. happy bday asher. i am impressed that you conquered the 30day meal plan...even with a birthday boy and hubby out of town! the recipes sound yummy. i am always amazed by the people who make homemade meatballs. they are SO yummy, but i just opt from the bag from sam's. maybe you will inspire me to meatball greatness!

Beachbrights said...

Love this and your humor! And Yes, please post the recipe for the bacon wrapped cream cheese chicken thingy. I am jealous.


Laurie said... fun!! I love all the pics especially that awesome police car in the are the coolest!!

Our boys love meatballs too!

And my little guy got donuts on his b-day as well. I like your style. ;)

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