Tuesday, November 24

funnest mom ever

Yep. That's me. I am officially the funnest mom ever. My baby told me so. You want proof? Ok. Twist my arm. Make me show you bazillions of fantastic pictures of my handsome boy, proving that I am, in fact, indeed, the funnest mom ever. Fine, maybe not bazillions, but lots. I think you can handle lots.

I'm on this new kick where my child should have a ridiculous amount of fun every day. I realize this is bold. And maybe dumb. But there should be at least one point in every single day that makes that day worth living. {Perhaps we adults should consider this as well, but his best moments are often mine, too.}

Our ├╝ber fun moment today was when I decided that someone could feed himself his own lunch.

Crazy. I know. But so worth it.

Obligatory before picture

Look! Mommy left the spoon and bowl where I could reach!

What a fun idea Mommy.

I have the spoon and the power!!!

Like this?

No. Like this?

This oatmeal is tricky stuff.

Forget the spoon. Where did that go anyway?
Oh well. I have fingers for a reason.

Uh oh. This wasn't supposed to happen. But it's really fun.

Sticky tricky oatmeal.


Oh look. There's still plenty that didn't make it to the floor.
I'll just eat this.

Mom, what a great idea.
Mommy, I clap for you because you are the funnest mommy.
I clap because I can't talk yet to tell you how fun you are.
And I clap because I love it.
I love to clap.
I clap for you funnest mommy!

And if you'd like to see all seventy-something pictures I didn't delete, you can see them all here. If you click through them fast enough it's almost like a video!!!

Monday, November 16

just for fun

Everybody knows what babies do.
{you know what comes next...}
Learn new tricks.

So, as a treat, I thought I'd highlight our sweet boy doing some of these regular ol' baby things, but from way back when up to now. Sounds fun, right?

I'm still deciding what to do first. Should I just go in order?
Here's one to keep you coming back.

Thursday, November 12

an ode

This week marked the birthday of a special lady in our lives.
Her name is Diana.

She's a bonus mom.
And a terrific Grandma-Nanny-Mimi.
{Her grandparent name is as of yet, still undecided.}

Today, as our boy's special gift, he's written a little something just for her. Some of it is a little hard to decipher, as it is a well known fact, he is a genius, and sometimes, geniuses are a little hard to follow.

This is for Grandma-Nanny-Mimi

You know who you are

Who is the best grandson ever???

That's what I thought you'd say

But you're right

I am awesome and adorable and talented...

and so so so much more

Just like my Grandma-Nanny-Mimi

Happy Birthday!!!
{the belated part is Mom's fault. Blame her.}

I love you!

here I am shrieking and laughing because this is so much fun!!!

Monday, November 2

Halloween Pictures

Here are the Halloween pictures. You can all stop with the not-so-very-nice-or-patient-emails. It's ok, though. He is the cutest kid to ever live, so I understand your need. He's like a super cute little addiction. Here's your fix:

This was the best monster face we could get out of him.
We'd practiced for days, but all attempts end with laughter.

And here's my sweet little huggin and kissin monster.

We went to my mom's festival at the church. She took a ride in the pony cart. If I remember correctly, she once wrote a paper on how to have a successful pony cart crash. How's that for weird fact?

And because I'm incredibly funny and can't wait to hear comments about this last picture, this pic is of Justin's parents on their way to a party. Oh and yes, they dress like that all the time.

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